i’m still on a sugar high from the sweetness of Alaina Moore’s vocals. Tennis is pretty much the definition of elaine tucker dancing music. there were lots of brady bunch like moves happening at Radio Radio last night.

and guess who scored a signed set list? those young kids can keep their calm, cool and collected routine. it pays off to hang around stalker style. alaina is a tiny little bird that i wanted to create a nest for in my purse. i’m pretty sure i crushed her hand when i shook it. sorry if that effects the rest of the tour, Alaina!

she also revealed the little known secret that she lived in Marion, Indiana for a while. The crowd gave her a hoosier homecoming without even knowing it.

turning it all around

today has had a much better aura. i discovered a few things out of place that have seemed to put the house more in balance:


finally got my invocation of hestia up on the mantle. hestia is the goddess of the hearth and home. my invocation reads:

dear hestia, please grace this house with your presence. Grant us peace and serenity within these walls. 

and i realized our sad absence of music. husfriend is usually mixing the music and i hadn’t realized i’d been overlooking that bit of our normal home atmosphere. today we’ve been spinning:


tennis – getting geared up for their show in 2 weeks. eeek. and my old faithful. rumours literally saved mealtime. as soon as “you can go your own way” started i suddenly didn’t care anymore that darla wasn’t eating her meal.

we’ve had a lot more nice, quiet moments to enjoy like this one.