around the house

the house…
 photo 1C36A27F-CB68-44E9-BB65-9CC672354B8E-26822-0000040137B79020_zps4c762f1d.jpg

my view from the many hours spent nursing in bed

 photo D7818B28-AA4B-40D4-9A58-62E4AAC8E0DB-26822-000004012FCF6C4B_zps51c34773.jpg

this little guy keeps me company

 photo 822A378C-49AE-40FF-8C6C-8CF787D099F2-29663-000004A58E118FD6_zps8e23992f.jpg

dishes, do yourselves. we got kids to raise.

 photo 8A437627-3355-4DA2-A898-C4017420D13C-29663-000004A5B257009B_zps14b1bdc3.jpg

mmmmmmm. gardeny.

 photo 3E7FFD9B-2E04-4F09-AC2C-7192C682CC69-33440-00000552F271C908_zpsf6770df5.jpg

i give up in here.

 photo E0A83E8E-27A6-40CB-8E0F-487D7B852A81-33440-00000552ED01724E_zpse6d67d95.jpg

the best thing to do while breastfeeding = study up on breastfeeding!

sometimes the magic is in the details…the messy, messy details.



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