around the house

the house

or more like

the room

i have to admit that spending a second week *mostly* confined to my own room was getting to me with the picture perfect weather happening outside my window. so i decided to make this week’s around the house series therapeutic and capture some of the favorite details of my current surroundings:

 photo B17D3FB9-394D-4A7C-B872-F5E955BE15DC-22418-000004C8E29E4246_zpsadce1f66.jpg

^^^ fraaaands! ^^^

 photo 467B91B1-80DF-49F9-9E0F-1AB7450E6011-22418-000004C8C00123B9_zps014a389e.jpg

^^^ darla pulled her rocking chair into my room so we can rock daphne together. love! ^^^

 photo DB4ED4F5-F3FE-440A-8C8E-FEBF7531CB8D-22418-000004C8CE9A3A0E_zps499c12ae.jpg

^^^ baby wearing is back in my life ^^^

 photo E0FB3847-6FF3-4A90-BB11-826C24C0B728-22418-000004C8D598E1E8_zps22cdf7ce.jpg

^^^ nothing like a good ol’ pair of mismatched sandals ^^^

 photo 2A8FCEC9-E1E1-47D0-9EE3-4DA44CD08335-22418-000004C8EFCFC882_zps5c2a8591.jpg

^^^ we both enjoy reading by the light of this lamp ^^^

 photo B71C4EFA-A30B-45FC-9902-7C6F19A48C89-22418-000004C8DBF5485A_zps5197812b.jpg

^^^ catchin’ baby dreams ^^^

 photo 080855AF-5774-499B-B093-FE6BFA4CBB64-24142-000005042414E352_zps447c010d.jpg

^^^ secret doritos stash ^^^

sometimes the magic is in the details.



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