diaper decisions

diaper cover

i still haven’t decided if we’re cloth diapering from the get go with this babe but this cover kinda makes me want to. We started cloth diapers at around 10-11 months with darla and that worked out pretty well. i feel like we will start out in disposables, transition to a combination routine and end with all cloth, all the time. and darla was potty trained by just a few months after her 2nd birthday so i’d like to go ahead and keep that the same or earlier. please, universe? thanks a mil.

I’m kinda obsessed with a few things from this store { like also these } but the cute diaper covers catch my eye the most. we have some of ours left over from d but i will probably need to pic up another infant and one more larger size to make it work.

ugh, i can’t believe i’m back to the stage of being in charge of another human’s butt. life is a hoot.

ps. we’ll probably be using these disposables and these wipes if any of you kind souls wanna send baby wrucker a welcome gift!


plant plans

 photo AA58DD0B-C69C-4CED-8D05-C45C7C4C7780-6410-000004F4169A9964_zps95eec964.jpg photo D1916B40-F443-414A-BBB5-DCBB7899DAC7-6410-000004F42784D2AC_zps0550e020.jpg photo 6C611510-C947-4DE2-9DF7-C4D628320DC1-6410-000004F42EB5BF3F_zps6dece50b.jpg photo 9C658EDB-7088-40A0-8848-43E3261D956A-6410-000004F439D97AE0_zpsd736639f.jpg photo 3CAD65C9-181C-4291-B6C0-189FB939B92E-6410-000004F43F5F0F17_zps290d8b36.jpg

who doesn’t get excited about a big plant sale. obviously darla does. we picked up a few new green friends the other day and it got my nesting feathers ruffled for more updates to our space. i love adding more life to this house be it green babies or human babies. my only problem is i don’t really seem to have a green thumb yet. i don’t know much about taking care of house plants. i need to have someone come over and give me a private houseplant lesson. yeah, i’ve pinned a lot to pinterest to look over and read up a bit but learning in person seems to be my forte.

anyway, the pics of me re-potting a plant are superfluous but they were taken by darla so i thought i’d include them as a keepsake. good luck with your weekend. here’s hoping sunshine comes your way this weekend for you and all your growing things!

spring projects

 photo 3B431A6D-DA9C-4FC2-9A08-B0C0B355835D-17962-00000489B5E92E90_zpsf54b97a6.jpg
 photo D8B31C3F-3E09-4C0C-85BD-9115B157ACE7-17962-00000489BDB6DBED_zps1f14f9f9.jpg  photo 20AA6665-F222-4D61-AC22-B8AA50915EB1-22234-000005C55ADA3E00_zps16251d4b.jpg
 photo E4D49BDA-F84B-47DD-8921-FE3BF40EF27B-17991-0000048B6A01305F_zps7f58f864.jpg  photo 70E8C9F9-17A9-4635-A681-F85AE3B2CA9C-24762-0000062B9888B433_zps29c31917.jpg
 photo 3D17DE51-3A2D-4BC5-A767-85E6211E861A-18615-000004C4474CCA44_zpsa51f9702.jpg

i don’t know if i’ve been hit by spring cleaning fever or if nesting urges are kicking in hard-core but things are happening around here. maybe these two naturally occurring phenomena are fusing together to make one crafty superpower in this momma. anyone else experiencing this?

i’m not normally much of a “maker” but i’ve been taken over by an urge to make our space over a little bit, to pour a touch more of myself into everything. i believe that pregnancy is a naturally creative time for women. we are literally creating life. compared to that a few little household projects seem like a cinch. this week we repotted some plants, took on some baby projects and started our seeds.

what are you going to take on this weekend?

sending lots of positive vibes out there to you for your to-do lists and purge piles!

making her mark

 photo B8D49F15-210F-43D0-8091-E2138CA23598-7972-000005D23869E9AC_zpscd0d303e.jpg

darla was present from the very onset of this project.  in her usual way, she dove straight in, wanting to give her contribution, without really listening to how it is she actually could be of help. she took the yardstick over to the wall, traced around it and proudly declared afterwards that she liked her work.

you can see very faintly that i had drawn a triangle around it and had plans on painting it to match the pattern of the rest of the room. but once i got over to that spot on the wall i couldn’t paint over it. the way she had been so proud of herself kept playing in my mind so i found our small paint brushes and set to painting in the outline she had drawn. and i couldn’t love it more. it’s a little piece of her in the middle of something that i had planned to look a certain way. but i know that without her addition it wouldn’t be complete. this could be a metaphor for my life. i try to make plans for my life to look a certain way. but then there is darla, with her own plans, ready to make her own mark on my life and the world. and if i look at it the right way, i can see how she makes everything better in that way.

and there’s the fact that this bit is going to be behind a dresser, but that’s beside the point…

this house is clean


big life events for the wruckers: we’re moving!

we are moving to the part of columbus that we’ve found we spend the most time, we have a good amount of friends there and we’re hopeful it will be the right fit for us.

i spent my day cleaning and cleansing our new space. this was the first time i have saged a house before we moved and i really enjoyed it. whether the act works or not {although i’ve experienced it twice now and feel that it does} is beside the point. the essence of it, at least for me, is the ceremony of it and the devotion of myself to the new space. it feels good to know that i put a little bit of my energy and wishes into the house before i start painting, bringing in boxes and making changes.

i look forward to sharing more of our life from our new place. our moving process gets to be a bit more lax this time so stay tuned as to when we make the final jump.

hurrah for life changes!


the sage smudge sticks i used found here.


zero waste wednesday


^^^ my travel bag  i carry in my purse for use when disposables are present ^^^

do you know the number one largest component of american trash? one-time-use restaurant ware. think to-go coffee cups, napkins, disposable fast food wrappings, plastic drink cups, straws, paper linings for tables and trays, take out containers etc. etc. etc.

once you really start to think about it, it gets really scary. just one trip to restaurant can yield up to 20 pieces of trash that were used only once…that were precious resources…and more precious resources were used to get them to your table.

this is been an area of my life that i’ve desired to work on for a while. of course the easiest and our number one way of solving this {mostly for financial reasons} was to curb eating out. making meals at home is healthier for your wallet, waistline and the planet.

but sometimes eating out is unavoidable or rather just plain desirable. i’ve come up with a few strategies for reducing our waste when we choose to eat out. I’ll be sharing them here for this series. here is my first:

1. opt for restaurants that use real napkins & silverware when possible. if you have to choose between going to someplace like steak n shake or burger king for a burger then choose steak n shake. they use real silver ware, reusable cups and some still have cloth napkins. we try to eat places with better quality food but hey, you need these tips when road trips are involved. and maybe plan ahead and research quality food choices ahead of time for road trips. i am not actually very good at this but i know people who do. or skip this altogether by packing a cooler of quality food before you start.

another option is to make a small pack to carry around with you. i regularly carry a few kerchiefs with me so i just added a couples sets of silverware. this goes where I go and we’ve used them several times when some of our favorite eats only offer disposables.

making an effort to be more zero-waste, a little bit at a time.