around the house

the house…

 photo DED98A67-FF74-4831-A1A8-F796B262BD8E-7064-00000283729AD8D7_zpse71c6aa8.jpg

laundry. always laundry.

 photo FB73E675-CB37-4D95-A422-751E314B2A58-7064-00000283506ADFA0_zps0c807758.jpg

well wishes.

 photo 40C61598-5288-4976-82AE-92B2917C1316-7064-0000028362465762_zpsdc3cc2b5.jpg

new file organization for getting back into business.

 photo 2E905A3E-2FA5-40A9-A771-6E7FEC428350-7064-0000028359BE46A0_zps19570752.jpg

lost its mate.

 photo F212FA8E-1D4C-4930-BE10-7AC56A159D9D-7064-0000028346000DC0_zps07940413.jpg

new pack ready and waiting for the first day of school.


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