plant plans

 photo AA58DD0B-C69C-4CED-8D05-C45C7C4C7780-6410-000004F4169A9964_zps95eec964.jpg photo D1916B40-F443-414A-BBB5-DCBB7899DAC7-6410-000004F42784D2AC_zps0550e020.jpg photo 6C611510-C947-4DE2-9DF7-C4D628320DC1-6410-000004F42EB5BF3F_zps6dece50b.jpg photo 9C658EDB-7088-40A0-8848-43E3261D956A-6410-000004F439D97AE0_zpsd736639f.jpg photo 3CAD65C9-181C-4291-B6C0-189FB939B92E-6410-000004F43F5F0F17_zps290d8b36.jpg

who doesn’t get excited about a big plant sale. obviously darla does. we picked up a few new green friends the other day and it got my nesting feathers ruffled for more updates to our space. i love adding more life to this house be it green babies or human babies. my only problem is i don’t really seem to have a green thumb yet. i don’t know much about taking care of house plants. i need to have someone come over and give me a private houseplant lesson. yeah, i’ve pinned a lot to pinterest to look over and read up a bit but learning in person seems to be my forte.

anyway, the pics of me re-potting a plant are superfluous but they were taken by darla so i thought i’d include them as a keepsake. good luck with your weekend. here’s hoping sunshine comes your way this weekend for you and all your growing things!


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