diaper decisions

diaper cover

i still haven’t decided if we’re cloth diapering from the get go with this babe but this cover kinda makes me want to. We started cloth diapers at around 10-11 months with darla and that worked out pretty well. i feel like we will start out in disposables, transition to a combination routine and end with all cloth, all the time. and darla was potty trained by just a few months after her 2nd birthday so i’d like to go ahead and keep that the same or earlier. please, universe? thanks a mil.

I’m kinda obsessed with a few things from this store { like also these } but the cute diaper covers catch my eye the most. we have some of ours left over from d but i will probably need to pic up another infant and one more larger size to make it work.

ugh, i can’t believe i’m back to the stage of being in charge of another human’s butt. life is a hoot.

ps. we’ll probably be using these disposables and these wipes if any of you kind souls wanna send baby wrucker a welcome gift!



cloth diapering resources

here’s a collection of some cloth diapering references for any of you who are considering making the switch for The Great Cloth Diaper Change:

a friend’s post on cloth diapering in their house, lots of links included.

a pretty good collection of cloth diapers and covers and accessories.

a thorough FAQ from diaperpin.

here are some of my favorite covers we used:


my favorite was Imse Vimse

and Bummis

the book i read that spurned our cloth endeavor, as well as other organic home practices:

Moooooore Diapering info, YAY!

i just thought i would share this nifty little flyer from Bundle of Joy about cloth diapering.

sign up for their service before april 21st for the great cloth diaper change using your MomJeanz promotion discount:  sign up for a month of service, and they will waive the two start up fees (which is $35.00 for the start up kit, which includes the pail, liner, Snappi and deo disks and then another $35.00 for the first month of diaper cover rental).  mention MomJeanz blog and they will give you 10% off of your monthly service fee for the first six months as well!