my girl had a gimpy leg yesterday. no one, including her, has any idea when it happened but since she jumps off about 213 things a day it’s likely it occurred one of those times and didn’t really set it until she slept.

couch day

anyway, we spent the day laid up on the couch. well, she did. i was relegated to snack servant. but i have to say it was a pretty excellent day. blankets bundled on the couch, candles going in the dark horse grotto…we started with a pile of books then movie, then books, then movie. you get it.

so this got me to thinking of this idea that i really think would work. it would get me through winter and save us money:


i could do days like today all winter long. just lots of movies and books and talks and laughs and snuggles. i wasn’t even as hungry since we didn’t use a lot of energy. maybe we could drop down to only 2 meals a day! we could lower the thermostat bc we’d just stay bundled under blankets all day. let’s do it everybody! just stop going to your jobs in the winter. really. it’s ridiculous. just stop it.

can we do this revolution? let me know what you think…