snow eater

ice eater

will someone please explain to me why i have to force feed my child meals like pancakes with syrup but she wants to eat icicles and snow balls the entirety of the time we are outside. does she not understand it’s just frozen water? dirty frozen water? i’ve tried to intervene but when mike made a snowman darla’s first reaction was to start gnawing on his midsection. it’s weird and i think it’s here to stay…at least for this snowfall. luckily she knows about yellow snow. she pointed some out and said “that means pee.” whew…

do you have a snow eater? try this: i made hot chocolate and then we poured it over snowballs { from fresh snow } and dropped in some smaller snowballs. it was actually pretty fun. i recommend it for those of you who have the if-you-can’t-beat-’em-join-’em attitude.


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