snow eater

ice eater

will someone please explain to me why i have to force feed my child meals like pancakes with syrup but she wants to eat icicles and snow balls the entirety of the time we are outside. does she not understand it’s just frozen water? dirty frozen water? i’ve tried to intervene but when mike made a snowman darla’s first reaction was to start gnawing on his midsection. it’s weird and i think it’s here to stay…at least for this snowfall. luckily she knows about yellow snow. she pointed some out and said “that means pee.” whew…

do you have a snow eater? try this: i made hot chocolate and then we poured it over snowballs { from fresh snow } and dropped in some smaller snowballs. it was actually pretty fun. i recommend it for those of you who have the if-you-can’t-beat-’em-join-’em attitude.


grandparents’ weekend

darla snow we had a few nice, quiet days in indiana complete with some snow romping and fort building. darla is staying with my parents for a few extra days. i’ve already 4 boxes lined up at our door of things i’ve separated out to go to donation. I know she’ll enjoy a few extra days with her adoring grandparents and I’m thankful for the extra post-christmas organizing time.

i’m so very thankful to have loving, supportive parents that are a positive presence in my daughters’ life. i’m very grateful for the times they support us by giving us a weekend here and there to recover from the everyday stresses of life.

mostly, i’m just thankful that they treat her with such kindness and true generosity. i’m not talking about simply buying her stuff, but generosity of their spirit. they are wonderful examples of kindness, love and support. i aspire to be more like them.

better to see you with

3rd eye

i know i’m supposed to be showing you pictures of all the festive holiday stuff we’ve been doing but the truth is i’m kinda over it. this photo is the one i really wanted to share because i think it speaks more about our life than any holiday projects or baking we’ve been doing. darla asked to have a third eye drawn on her head before we went out to see the hobbit and well, you can see i obliged.  for the record, she does know the significance of the third eye and fell asleep many nights listening to the story of shiva and his third eye read from the children’s bedtime storybook from India i picked up a couple of months back. she is a real kook and i love her and i will draw a third eye on her forehead and let her wear it in public any day if that is how she wants to interact with her world!!!

well, ok i’ll show you just a few of our winteryness pics, too:

graham cottagecottagesnow walksnow icee

graham cracker cottage with dad, first stomp in the snow, and maple syrup snow slushie.

snow day play

a sick girl can still go out and enjoy the snow.




i was so thankful to wake up and see the snow this morning. for one, it meant i had a good excuse to make a baked good for breakfast. two, i haven’t been able to take darla out to play in the snow all winter. why? because we’ve had none. we had a good time watching the big kids run around for recess.

darla’s favorite activity:


being pushed in the swing while yelling “snowball” repeatedly. yep. love it.