i do not have to words to describe my jealousy of these migratory birds that flew over the playground as darla and i romped about yesterday. they circled by hundreds over head and i kept thinking “certainly there are enough of them to carry my weight and take me with them.”

how i long to be a migratory animal. how i long to be a traveler, a wanderer, a vagabond even.

not to mention they get to head where it’s warm while we’re stuck here to freeze all winter.

i guess i’ve been really in touch with the animalistic ways of dealing with the approaching season: hibernation and migration. both seem like good options. if i could construct my ideal life i’d be a migrant for 3 seasons and then spend this fourth holed up somewhere by a fire, reading and writing. doesn’t that just sound swell?

yes, swell and impractical. that’s my middle name: impractical.

but i’m reminded that at one point or another all the dreams that became realities in our world started out as impracticalities. even this technology that brings you these impractical thoughts of my own.