life (dot) next

guess what, friends…sharing time!

hmmm, well let’s start with what has been on my mind pretty much 24/7 since we had that nice little warm-up that snapped us back into cold weather: upcoming Life(dot)next retreat in Palm Springs in 15 days!

i can feel the sunbeams upon my face already. and i just received a nice little packing list today:


did you see what was on that? swimsuit, flip-flops, sunglasses…i might not return. it’s going to be really, really hard to come home to grey…..ugh scarlet and grey. sorry osu fans. just had to put it out there that i think the school’s colors are derived from all the slit wrists the grey winter ohio skies provoke.

but my wrists are going to see sunny skies in 15 days!!!

but i’ll progess with this post because this retreat is not death(dot)next…it’s LIFE(dot)next.

Life(dot)next is the creative baby birthed by my friend Meg Buzzi. I credit her retreats for the following:  the majority of my personal and professional growth in the last two years, the inspiration to start this blog, quite a few hangovers, the evaporation of excuses surrounding my hesitance to start birthwork, an empty jar of pickles by my face in the morning, some of my best all-time karaoke performances, and a slew of new, inspiring, kick-ass ladyfriends. {they’re all really pretty and ride unicorns too!}  i don’t want to get ahead of myself but i’m pretty sure we’re going to discover the cure for cancer at this next one…or just give palm springs some of the best karaoke they’ve ever seen.

either way, i’m stoked.

i hope to come back with more inspiring, words o’ wisdom bullshit that will make you first want to throw up, then go and conquer your world.

in all seriousness, i think these retreats have accelerated all attendees on their life path. the retreats are just that right mix of strength and vulnerability that spark long-lasting change. well…there’s something about them because a lot of us keep coming back. Or, it might just be the copious amounts of boxed wine and signature cocktails. at any rate, i hope to bring more friends and readers to the life(dot)next table.

do you know any lady-loving organizations? or organizations that believe in empowering humans to make healthy strides and impacting changes in their lives? life(dot)next would be a great avenue for sponsorship. send some sponsorship support and ensure the occurrence of a future retreat. this one’s all full up, lass.


day of thanks


hope you’re not too far into your christmas season to take a looksie at a bit of our thanksgiving. we celebrated our love of butter and darla, aka smiling pony, spent most of her free time chasing woody. smiling ponybutterdinnertablewoog carry

thanks to my parents for the lovely, fattening holiday


our family photo one more time because i love it.

family close up thanksgiving


i’d first like to take a moment to thank everyone whose wedding i’ve attended this year for choosing such beautiful settings. i mean, look at this


and this


and now i’d like to take a moment to thank pinterest for spreading and spurring every one of those weddings to be so thoughtfully put together, detailed and aesthetically wonderous to behold. i mean, look at this


and this


and this!


we had an amazing time this past weekend taking part in the communion of a very special couple. their one-of-a-kind weekend was perfectly tailored and i’m just very grateful to have been a part of it and to have seen our friends bc well they’re fun and cool and good looking. i mean, look at this


and this



a bit more reminiscing…


1. bonfire!  2. there’s some handsome dudes down there getting pics  3 & 4 fashion choices – farm b&b calls for ruched floral and vintage cowgirl boots, fall wedding calls for faux fur stole & animal print clutch  5. boutineer boy  6. mother nature showing of the beautimous veil  7. officialness  8. another columbus day wedding couple  7. more twinkly  8 & 9. gettin’ this party started! and james on disco ball duty.

and by the way, the dance party was epic. EPIC. at least i thought so…

quality time

i’m off to san fran for 5 whole days. FIVE.

so i made sure to have some quality time with my little peter venkman – as she sometimes likes to be called.

we spent a nice afternoon picnic lunch date at wallace garden plots in our neighborhood the other day after we visited the library. it was pretty cool to walk around all the different plots and take in the different gardening techniques. it was good to be around abundant gardens. it was peaceful and educational. i was able to show darla where sunflower seeds grow and we discussed the different ways plants grow their fruit.

yay for free teaching resources!








i’ll sure miss that girl.

ps. that yellow flower is for my hair. laughy laughy.

slow southern style

we woke up in franklin, tennessee this morning.

i wish i could blame portals or teleportation, however, the truth is we made the drive down yesterday.

my man knows me and suggested the franklin mercantile for breakfast. it’s one of my all time favorite munching spots.






see how adorbs the place is. how could i not love it? plus the food is pretty stellar. please take note of my fruit tea pictured above. it seems to be a combination of a peach juice & iced tea. i will be attempting a recipe when i get home and let you know on here if i succeed. if i fail, well, i’ll never mention it again and this post will fall away into obscurity. easy enough.

we spent the sweltering afternoon escaping the heat – 102 or 103 i think – at a screening of The Wizard of Oz at the franklin theater. i loved seeing it on the big screen. i catch more hilariously brilliant writing and dialogue every time i see it. the theater was beautiful AND i was able to get a yazoo hefeweizen and popcorn for $7. win win win.

i think i like this slow southern style. it serves us well during these hotsie totsie summer days. that and fruit tea.

family fun fest

ok, so we’ve been doing a lot of living life instead of blogging about it, so, i’m going to try to catch up. a lot of cool awesomeness has transpired.

like many people, i have been blessed with a wonderful family. i mean, they are all REALLY cool. one of my cousins got hitched last weekend so it meant full-fledged family reunion. we made quite a weekend out of it.

the weekend consisted of: cousin reunion night out, great lake swimmers, late night karaoke, vintage store shopping, family fish fry & june birthday celebrations, the marion county fair, wedding wedding wedding, hotel party with a baby and sunday funday pool party. mike, darla and i then continued on to cincinnati for yeasayer on sunday night but that is all for another post.














looking forward to doing this all over again in 6 weeks. i love you, family!

cleveland town

we spent the eve in cleveland town for destroyer. i’d like to spend some more time in that city. we had good eats, good drinks, good tunes and great times. we’re very lucky to have some very lovely friends who show us phenomenal places to sup.

we dined at momocho and then took in destroyer at beechland ballroom. i will return to both. hopefully soon.



1. signage 2. my new luchador profession 3. mmmmm momocho 4. pretty venue viewage