my innermost desire

i’m feeling the weight of vacation de-programming at the moment. i have a million things to do around the house. I spent the earlier hours of my alone time doing some doula prep that will hopefully come in handy this week – can’t wait to meet you harley! – and i really should be getting rest in case the phone rings in 3 hours but for some reason i can’t stop looking up used RVs. while we were flying over the desert and i was telling darla all about the grand canyon i had that familiar buzzing inside my head that says “you know you want to just pack your whole family in a mobile home and drive all over me…”

guess what? the desert is right! it’s in my head and it knows. I DO want to drive all over it. I want the freedom of being a rubbertramp, a vagabond, a nomad. I look really good in cut-off jean shorts and that’s all the proof i need that my true life destiny is to wander the country’s highways aimlessly.

if i ever get a year to just do what my heart desires it would be to travel the country in an RV – nothing swanky, actually something vintage would be preferable – and my goal would be to stop in every state and see every single person we know at least once. even if it’s only for a brief 10 min coffee. how incredible would that be to compile? it would be a whole life’s worth of memories because other people are your memories. they hold the keys to your past.

big sigh. bigger sigh.

please universe? i put it out there. now you do your thang.