you’re so lovely, california

 photo 7A52EC32-7014-4272-85E3-75D4C864F373-58317-00000BB35650C26B_zpsdb9cb6e4.jpg

^^ this trip might have been us two {ahem, three} ^^

 photo B38C9C7F-C1F0-40AF-89E1-8FA9E0EB7CD3-58317-00000BB376E24585_zpsac28cbc7.jpg

^^ and i might have had a whole lot of fun watching that one ^^

 photo D69525E6-E98E-4014-B1CF-F70E530764F5-58317-00000BB36B4690F3_zps476e45cd.jpg

^^ but it really was all about these two ^^

 photo 8029F676-3428-426D-8948-67D3BB3E89EC-58317-00000BB3710E285B_zpsac274a91.jpg

 photo F4372C98-A5A2-42DB-80C0-814AAB8F29F1-58317-00000BB36355C86D_zpseff57c76.jpg

 photo E7E79829-0BB6-4D22-AEE1-DC0B0B64F5EB-58317-00000BB38255AA92_zps1d611fe2.jpg

 photo 4A0E7D6A-8994-47B8-AFFD-205D48B98B7E-58317-00000BB3872A5647_zpse796e9ab.jpg

i can’t even begin to describe how thankful i am that we were able to take these past two weeks to be with our friends. who knows if we’ll be able to do an extended visit like this again any time soon, since both girls will be in school and the new baby on the way might shift life for a while. we coined the term “european visit” last time around b/c europeans always seem to do the extended-length visit. i think they’re on to something. it was a long enough visit to settle into a rhythm of everyday life with just a bit of adventure spice added. i just hope these girls will remember these days.

california is soooo warm and sunny and pretty! i’ve had a bit of a weather shock coming back to below freezing temps this week. and i miss my friends. i want to thank them for making it such a memorable time for us. looove you!

but i am glad to be back in the way that i feel recharged and energized to take on life again. i feel revived by travel and new experiences. in actuality, it might just be the healthy dose of vitamin d. at any rate, i’m ready to take on spring. nesting urges may now commence.

and i’m ready to see all my columbus friends again. it’s time to come out from your hiber-holes, friendlies!


vacation time share, redux

here’s the rest of darla’s vacation. i say “darla’s vacation” because there is a noticeable lack of any photos of me, meg or my lovely girl friends. just darla, cory and elsa. it looks like they all had a great week together, huh? oh well, jussgonnahavtagoback!

















THIS is a mike wright smile



i love these last two pictures. darla was trying to argue with me about something probably inconsequential and then she was trying to be indignant. it’s pretty hard to take an indignant banana seriously… i can’t wait to put these pics on a graduation announcement some day.

we had lots of adventures, a good deal of which were not captured on film because i was trying to put the camera down, have conversations and be present some of the time.

i would say darla’s first trip to “Lost Angeles” was a success.

vacation time share

oh what a play on words. i just amuse myself so much. i can’t get my mind out of LA. we just had such a good time. I’ve been thinking a lot about this quote lately: “Actually the best gift you could have given her was a lifetime of adventures…” I hope that darla will feel she had a very adventurous life when she is older. here’s some of why i can’t mentally leave that city and our friends behind yet:

literally ten minutes after being reunited. old habits die hard.







create animated gif





there’s a lot more to share but that’s all we have time for today folks.


“it’s totalary magical and you get to believe it”

california has been a whirlwind of wonderful activities, so far, and it is thoroughly kicking my butt. yesterday we took the girls to Disneyland. It was darla’s first time in an amusement park. she was amused. here’s just a bit of the day:






well, what can i say about the day? thanks to the precision science the buzzker family has perfected of amusement park going, we thoroughly covered the parks. Our coined phrase was “thrilled to the max.” Darla was pretty enthused about her first trip to disneyland.

i hadn’t been on a rollercoaster since before darla was born and it was soooo good. i have this, ummm, we’ll call it a “condition” where i just start laughing uncontrollably on rides. it’s prominent in the teacup video if anyone wants to hear. i’m sorry that the audio in that is just me laughing hysterically. being whirled through space just makes me astoundingly giddy, i guess.

hubster, i soooo wished you could have been there. i wish you could be here for the whole trip. in the words of elsa bun as she was preparing d for the disney experience:


yes, it totalary was.

ummm i have to do THAT again in 9 days???

ok. WOW. i thought flying with darla yesterday would be a piece of cake since it was about her 12th round trip flight but it was quite a test in patience. i basically told my friends to keep my child away from me for at least an hour so i could reprogram and get myself back to a good mommy place. that wasn’t really a problem since elsa and darla revolved in their own world for most of the night, just happy to be together.

i won’t bore everyone with details but it went a lot like this: i bought darla a muffin for breakfast. it was a very crumbly muffin. darla bit right into the center and then basically the whole thing crumbled into two pieces and fell on the ground. freaking $4 airport muffin. Then at lunch all she requested was a banana. She unpeeled the banana and proceeded to bite right into a big brown spot and then the banana split in two pieces and fell on the ground. freaking $1.75 airport banana.

it wasn’t all bad. it’s pretty endearing to see your child charging her way through the airport towards her bestie. darla said she would race me to be the first one to see elsa. as she sped past me on the ramp she turned around and shouted “i tooted at you to slow you down!”  she did, in fact, get to be the first one to elsa. their reunion was the thing nickelodeon movies are made of. i mean, it amused the lead singer of linkin park, who was coincidentally in the airport because of some nickelodeon awards event this weekend.



it was all worth it to see these two together again. I am SO happy to be here.

los angeles lied to me

los angeles told me that it was always sunny and balmy. los angeles told me my friends are right around the corner and ready to meet up for decadent dinners and uniquely concocted cocktails on a daily basis. los angeles told me i could sleep in until 10 every day if i wanted to. it also said i could shop constantly and not worry one bit about my credit card bill.

all of those things became sweet nothings once my plane touched down in indianapolis.

these things happened on my sabbatical: shopping, food, friends, laughs, sun, shoppping, drinks, sightseeing, ocean breezes, more shopping, more food, delicious food, oh-my-god the food, walks, rest, snuggles, friends, new friends and missing my little mini-me.

it was just what i needed and i can’t thank enough all the dear friends who took time out to meet up, catch up, and house me. this trip was just what i needed. i’m always very bad about taking a moment away to take pictures when it comes to myself. here’s the tiny, tiny amount i captured from the most optimistic city i’ve yet to encounter.

friends and sunshine on a venice beach bike ride

does a beautiful back deck make beautiful people more beautiful or vice versa? PeeR At THis PaiR OF PEErs ON thE PieR. my radical flight partner rode on the wing. i hope the stewardess’ didn’t take him down!

i’m already looking forward to planning another trip out to la la with little da-la. also looking forward to planning my next adventure. where should we travel next? where will you travel next?

cheers to adventures dreamed by you and by me.

link section: here’s a few links to places we encountered on my trip:  venice ale house …. the tasting kitchen – in care of LA’s best bartender …. huckleberry ….peek, aren’t you curiousintimacytownhousegjelinakid fireflyborder grill and pinkberry!