my innermost desire

i’m feeling the weight of vacation de-programming at the moment. i have a million things to do around the house. I spent the earlier hours of my alone time doing some doula prep that will hopefully come in handy this week – can’t wait to meet you harley! – and i really should be getting rest in case the phone rings in 3 hours but for some reason i can’t stop looking up used RVs. while we were flying over the desert and i was telling darla all about the grand canyon i had that familiar buzzing inside my head that says “you know you want to just pack your whole family in a mobile home and drive all over me…”

guess what? the desert is right! it’s in my head and it knows. I DO want to drive all over it. I want the freedom of being a rubbertramp, a vagabond, a nomad. I look really good in cut-off jean shorts and that’s all the proof i need that my true life destiny is to wander the country’s highways aimlessly.

if i ever get a year to just do what my heart desires it would be to travel the country in an RV – nothing swanky, actually something vintage would be preferable – and my goal would be to stop in every state and see every single person we know at least once. even if it’s only for a brief 10 min coffee. how incredible would that be to compile? it would be a whole life’s worth of memories because other people are your memories. they hold the keys to your past.

big sigh. bigger sigh.

please universe? i put it out there. now you do your thang.


6 thoughts on “my innermost desire

  1. do you know the blog “walk slowly live wildly?” i think you should.

    as crazy-happy as i am to be putting down some roots right now, i daydream about gypsy living too. mostly for the cutoff jorts and howling at the moon fantasies.

    • i didn’t know that blog and now i’m so in it. it’s making my proverbial rv wheels spin. love it. thank you so much. i have this whole scheme that once i get my certification complete i’m going to do a kickstarter to fund part of the winnebago purchase so i can be a doula on wheels. i have so many out of state friends that i’d love to offer the service of “hey let me come doula for you and i’ll just park outside and live around you for a week and you don’t have to be worried about me intruding your space.” sooo… if this goes down i say we organize some gypsy trips – possibly to dona conferences??? – and stop and howl at the moon and goddess worship on the way ;-)

  2. The Glass Castle is a book I read recently. It’s a rather tragic and heart-wrenching story, but this girl and her family spent some time living in the desert. I think many people would detest that sort of living. I thought it sounded really cool. Read it sometime and you decide. ;)

    • sure thing. we’ll turn it into a true caravan. i was thinking how awesome it would be to take a close up black and white picture of each person’s face and then at the end of our year do an art exhibit of just faces…

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