we spent some time with the rivers and the creeks this past week. darla enjoyed throwing things into said bodies of water. it was very nice of mother nature to give us those temperature spikes that allowed for some outdoor exploration. this is pretty fantastic time of year for getting a last little communion with nature.

although, i am hoping for some winter hikes this year :)

duck whispererriver tosshikewilderness

i think you all should know that she was trying to teach the ducks to fetch in that second photo. she’s special.


i know we’re already into tuesday but i just thought reminiscing about the weekend was still in order. here’s our roadtripy, woodsy, campfirey weekend:

road hat

coffeeauto tunes


1. road hat ready  2. coffee goodness ready  3. auto tunes ready (get it?) 4. pit stop

we stopped at aullwood audubon center in dayton, OH for a little woods-walking leg stretch. i’ve driven past many-a-time and said “we should stop there some day.” well, saturday was the day. and i think i’ll put it on the trip agenda more often. we spent a brief time there and i think…i think i’m gonna like it there

bridge wright trailtickle leaf

eye spyfence

balance footbridge

and then we reached my parents homestead for a fun night with friends.


the great pumpkin


ghost marshmallows. bonfire tradition now i guess.

it was a pretty quick trip but great just the same. i was so happy to just enjoy everyone’s company and visit with kiddos. i gotta say an added bonus of labor support work is reunion time with the families you have supported in birth.

at the end of the evening darla, mike and i braved the cold for a campout. darla was all like “let’s tell spooky stories!” to which we decided against and settled on robots instead. the best we could come up with was a half-ass account of the jetsons. i think the highlight of my weekend was being snuggled under 20 blankets with my family as the cold air nipped my nose. i kept thinking how great it would be for us to just live in a tent!

yes, a tent. with wheels. called a winnebago. i’ll never give up this dream.

family fun fest

ok, so we’ve been doing a lot of living life instead of blogging about it, so, i’m going to try to catch up. a lot of cool awesomeness has transpired.

like many people, i have been blessed with a wonderful family. i mean, they are all REALLY cool. one of my cousins got hitched last weekend so it meant full-fledged family reunion. we made quite a weekend out of it.

the weekend consisted of: cousin reunion night out, great lake swimmers, late night karaoke, vintage store shopping, family fish fry & june birthday celebrations, the marion county fair, wedding wedding wedding, hotel party with a baby and sunday funday pool party. mike, darla and i then continued on to cincinnati for yeasayer on sunday night but that is all for another post.














looking forward to doing this all over again in 6 weeks. i love you, family!

why’s it all cold again and stuff?

today we had little pellets of sleet punctuating our car ride conversations. it’s hard to believe that just days ago it was in the 70s. i’m posting some more of our sunny pics to help me remember.



willow the goat


i’m including this pic again because i love it so much


monkey bars. i know it looks like she’s in distress but she was loving it. trust me.


counting pine cones and if this picture had audio you would hear the nature lecture i was receiving about the pine nuts inside that birds, squirrels and humans really enjoy. love her.

who’s ready to skip march and head straight on to april? anyone?

T week

we learned about T last week and it was pretty easy. i don’t know if you know this but Ts are everywhere. little miss darla had fun pointing them out …


drawing Ts in sand and on sidewalks


we drew pictures of trees


and got her tricycle out for some trick riding



we communed with the trees on our nature hike


and my favorite of the T week activities – darla “planted” a forest at the creek



we searched for totoros in said trees

we of course took our trip to the tuckers’ and did a drawing of papa tom tucker


she drove her new tractor – my dad’s contribution to T week


and spent lots of time just being with papa tom.


for the record i want a goat in every picture i take now. they make them automatically awesome.