let’s reminisce. shall we?

approximately a year ago, my lovely, talented long time friend and indianapolis based photographer, jamie wolma, turned her lens on my little girl. let’s look back a year, hmmm?

because i love both versions

now two things are coming to mind. the first being that i need to again thank my mother for setting up the shoot with jamie. second, i need to schedule a follow up shoot with jamie to document the growth this little bean sprout has done this past year. maybe a whole new tutu will be involved….

ok, a third thought is floating to the surface. right after this shoot mike and i headed to bloomington to join up with my cousin and saw a raucous GBV show at the bluebird. we also had an extremely delicious meal at FARM. ’twas a good night. october 2010 was a banner month. really. just the best.


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