st. nic’s feast day

st. nick


we did our st. nic’s feast day tradition of leaving darla’s shoes out over night. we didn’t go as big as last year and it made not one bit of difference to darla. just a few small sweets and some books and nail polish was all it took to make the girl happy.

in the interest of full disclosure we regifted her the nail polish, just wrapped some holiday candy we already have and i got some used books that the library was taking out of circulation for 50 cents a piece. that approach appeals to my zero waste sensibilities much more. i feel a bit foolish about going so over the top last year. oh well.

and in further disclosure, i had purchased darla a new pair of shoes for 2013 but they didn’t arrive in time. we’ll just put those under the tree for christmas i guess.

nativeshoesnot gonna lie, very excited about these cute Native Shoes coming our way :)  just a small bit of consumerism creeping up in me i guess.



hey all! does everyone feel like crap from their sugar hangover today? nooo??? just me?

hope you had a grand halloween. we sure did. i am really going to milk these next 8-10 years of candy begging. this ONE night makes up for the 364 other harrowing nights of the year.  just kidding. ya know.

truth be told, i know i’m going to enjoy halloween every year because darla enjoyed it so much. she wore a pumpkin costume my mom made for me when i was 3. it made the rounds through cousins and various family members and now returned to it’s rightful owner!…i mean darla…it’s a good little costume.

cheesy pumpkinpumpkin walk


and then there’s me. when darla saw me she said “what are you? a game show host?” i had no idea she knew what a game show was, let alone a game show host. i dressed up as ALL of my bad fashion choices. really…really, all of that is just part of my regular wardrobe. it’s probably why i look back on so many photos and think “why…WHY did i think it was ok to wear that? ever?”

i’ll tell you why. because my name’s elaine and i like to sparkle.

hope you had a fun one, happy dia de los muertos! bye. don’t get diabetes!

MomJeanz Momma’s Day

was your mother’s day terrific? i sure hope so.

our mom’s day started by waking at our second family’s house so i got to see all three faces of the little ones i love so dearly this morning. mother’s day bonus.

we hit up some french pastries, lounged around and then drove to meet my parents for dinner on the border (of IN and OH, not mexico. and not at taco bell).

so what i’m saying is, today was wonderfulz.



darla oh-so-willingly modeling my kimono mike brought me from japan


don’t be jello of my korean socks. afro bear with neon “let’s dance.”  best part is that the package said these socks were “for man.”


my mother’s day card from mike and darla, which i may have actually bought for myself. shrug.

thank you dear hubster and daughtster.


ps. thank you to everybody who sent me special salutations :)