hey all! does everyone feel like crap from their sugar hangover today? nooo??? just me?

hope you had a grand halloween. we sure did. i am really going to milk these next 8-10 years of candy begging. this ONE night makes up for the 364 other harrowing nights of the year.  just kidding. ya know.

truth be told, i know i’m going to enjoy halloween every year because darla enjoyed it so much. she wore a pumpkin costume my mom made for me when i was 3. it made the rounds through cousins and various family members and now returned to it’s rightful owner!…i mean darla…it’s a good little costume.

cheesy pumpkinpumpkin walk


and then there’s me. when darla saw me she said “what are you? a game show host?” i had no idea she knew what a game show was, let alone a game show host. i dressed up as ALL of my bad fashion choices. really…really, all of that is just part of my regular wardrobe. it’s probably why i look back on so many photos and think “why…WHY did i think it was ok to wear that? ever?”

i’ll tell you why. because my name’s elaine and i like to sparkle.

hope you had a fun one, happy dia de los muertos! bye. don’t get diabetes!


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