we spent some time with the rivers and the creeks this past week. darla enjoyed throwing things into said bodies of water. it was very nice of mother nature to give us those temperature spikes that allowed for some outdoor exploration. this is pretty fantastic time of year for getting a last little communion with nature.

although, i am hoping for some winter hikes this year :)

duck whispererriver tosshikewilderness

i think you all should know that she was trying to teach the ducks to fetch in that second photo. she’s special.

day of thanks


hope you’re not too far into your christmas season to take a looksie at a bit of our thanksgiving. we celebrated our love of butter and darla, aka smiling pony, spent most of her free time chasing woody. smiling ponybutterdinnertablewoog carry

thanks to my parents for the lovely, fattening holiday


our family photo one more time because i love it.

family close up thanksgiving

thanksgiving photo essay

a few scenes of thanksgiving (aka darla at thanksgiving) franklin, tennessee style

1. can-can thanksgiving 2. lovely new dorothy costume

3. curls, curls of a girl

4. aunt jemima 5. darla’s “helping” stool

6. turkey  7. table

i wasn’t successful in getting any family photos taken. i wasn’t successful at much yesterday. just eating. and sleeping. sounds like a pretty good thanksgiving to me.