MomJeanz Momma’s Day

was your mother’s day terrific? i sure hope so.

our mom’s day started by waking at our second family’s house so i got to see all three faces of the little ones i love so dearly this morning. mother’s day bonus.

we hit up some french pastries, lounged around and then drove to meet my parents for dinner on the border (of IN and OH, not mexico. and not at taco bell).

so what i’m saying is, today was wonderfulz.



darla oh-so-willingly modeling my kimono mike brought me from japan


don’t be jello of my korean socks. afro bear with neon “let’s dance.”  best part is that the package said these socks were “for man.”


my mother’s day card from mike and darla, which i may have actually bought for myself. shrug.

thank you dear hubster and daughtster.


ps. thank you to everybody who sent me special salutations :)

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