cordelia lights

awww, cordelia, you look so pretty in your holiday getup!


msg week

here’s our week from my iphone:


we found walking sticks and were proud of it. we said hi to our sycamores.


we had lazy picnics in the park


and kicked our shoes off for a bit. we let our bodies become grounded again.


we hung our new nature prayer flags and added darla’s new books from maine into heavy reading rotation.


we rode ruju to the audubon center to continue the bird learnin.’


we dressed up like our forest friends,


and came to an understanding that darla has no chance of normalcy under her current parental guidance.


“the older i get the more i am into taxidermy.”


we gathered blossoms and walked trails,


and spied on the pond creatures.


did you know ohio has white sand beaches? oh. no. that’s just a volleyball court. my bad.


we tried out the thursday food truck festival at columbus commons and enjoyed the commons activities.


we took in a game at huntington park.


i was sure to wear my protective head gear since our seats were pretty close.


but really the most important development of the week was my complete surrender to my msg addiction. i think i’m on my second bag of rold gold cheese twists for the week. my body is NOT happy with me.

I’m incredibly thankful for all these moments the universe has bestowed on us this week. Goodness is abundant.

ps. if anyone is interested in obtaining maine themed books you can find them here: One Morning in Maine, Blueberries for Sal, The Little Fisherman, About Birds: A Guide for Children

project iron thighz

i kinda got back in the groove this week even though the weather was not so conducive. i got some mileage in there. we rode to dairy queen one night and to our favorite bakery this morning so that was pretty good motivation. probably not too good for any calorie burn off, though.

hubster has been an over achiever lately and logged 35 mi in one day this week. we be saving gas!!!

6/25 – 3.4 mi

6/26 – 1 mi

6/27 – 15 mi

7/1 – 5.2 mi

weekly: 24.6 mi

grand:   193.8

just over 8 gallons of gas saved by RuJu.

project iron thighz

last week:

5/29 – 4.2 mi

5/30 – 15 mi

5/31 – 2 mi

6/3 –  4.3 mi

25.5 weekly total

this week – i didn’t do a good job of keeping track the distances each day. i know we did a 13.5 mi ride, a 4.2 mi and a 6.5 mi ride. I’m going to add another 5 miles in there for little short trips i did around the hood but didn’t record.

so weekly is – 24.2

grand total – 132.3

5 1/2 gallons ridden off thus far.

happy riding!

and back again

and now we’ve been having a few (somewhat) relaxing days getting adjusted back to real life. mike is taking classes in florida for the week so darla and i have spent the majority of our time by the pool.

or on the bike.

or biking to the pool.

you get the picture.


darla was very excited about her floaties. she put them on and immediately exclaimed “everybody wearing floaties is cool!” complete with thumbs-up arm motion. she was equally excited that the pool has spongebob popsicles. she adopted some spongebob-like facial expressions while eating:


timing is everything in photography, i guess. i’m going to be in trouble for that one someday.

upon returning from the pool darla received some mail from grandma and grandpa wright


i got to jig in some flannel last night to Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros.


the flannel would have been a great idea except LC moved the show indoors. so then flannel became a sweaty idea. but i didn’t care. Carly and i grooved and shook our hair anyway.

after the show “Mr. Sharpe” was outside getting mobbed. I tried to get him to bless my bike but as previously mentioned, he was in a mob.

also, that giant balloon lamp WAS NOT filled with candy or glitter.


project iron thighz

i’m just going to go ahead and wrap up this weeks log because we’re setting out for a weekend of camping, music and maybe a little magic. Madame RuJu will be resting from her week’s endeavors.

5/14 – 1.2 mi

5/15 – 10.4 mi

5/16 – 7 mi

5/17 – 3.3 mi

week total – 21.9

grand total – 65.2

2 gallons of gas down.

i will say husband has been a great support and riding partner. with his help, maybe we’ll get these miles knocked out before next winter after all…

cousinz day

we got to hang with our favorite niece all morning!


first the flash helped me make pancakes with an attitude


then cousinfriend joined and they all chowed on the most delicious pancakes to ever grace anyone’s lips while i ran around making said pancakes.


the we loaded up on the bikes and hit the trail


found a playground


and headed back home where girlies had an imaginary picnic. sounds pretty nice, huh? well, it was. thanks for being such an agreeable reader!


i wasn’t going to include this last pic b/c it’s pretty blurry but i did to see if anyone else caught on to how many outfit changes darla did this morning. and these were only the ones i caught on camera. i think there were 2 other variations in there.

so, we had a pretty rad day, all day. i like to look back at these posts to be reminded that our non-conventional lifestyle and schedule is completely worth it. we’re afforded so much freedom, flexibility and time to spend just like this.

hanging out together, with the people we love, searching for adventure.