next up: tucker christmas








1. breakfast with grandpa at the abe martin lodge 2. displaying her latest talent which she calls “tick-tocking her eyes” 3. the beginning of a 24 hr winter wonderland 4. venturing out into the snow with grandpa 5. i want this hearth in my daily life 6. darla’s thinking ” and so this is christmas…and what have i done?….” 7. michael 8. Big Woods Brewing Company Cattail. mmmm yummy.


2 thoughts on “dolihaze

  1. kathy, the lodge was WONDERFUL. the aquatic center was just great and i think the older kiddos would enjoy it even more. darla was pretty into the water slide and wanted to go all by herself. she’s a daredevil. anyway, hope you had a merry christmas and happy new year to you all as well.

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