way yes

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here’s our friday night down at the commons watching Way Yes. i say way yes to this band. i dig. i dig alot. sign me up for their next show!  i’m just wearing my doula shirts at all times from here on out so if you plan on going anywhere with me in the next, say, 25 years then you can count on that being my attire. as far as darla’s outfit goes you can reference this post.

also, the commons gets better every year. it’s easily becoming one of my favorite places in this city. darla ran around like a mad fool and we get to veg out to some good tunes. not to mention jeni’s and late night slice are there now.

i want more nights like that one, please, universe.


msg week

here’s our week from my iphone:


we found walking sticks and were proud of it. we said hi to our sycamores.


we had lazy picnics in the park


and kicked our shoes off for a bit. we let our bodies become grounded again.


we hung our new nature prayer flags and added darla’s new books from maine into heavy reading rotation.


we rode ruju to the audubon center to continue the bird learnin.’


we dressed up like our forest friends,


and came to an understanding that darla has no chance of normalcy under her current parental guidance.


“the older i get the more i am into taxidermy.”


we gathered blossoms and walked trails,


and spied on the pond creatures.


did you know ohio has white sand beaches? oh. no. that’s just a volleyball court. my bad.


we tried out the thursday food truck festival at columbus commons and enjoyed the commons activities.


we took in a game at huntington park.


i was sure to wear my protective head gear since our seats were pretty close.


but really the most important development of the week was my complete surrender to my msg addiction. i think i’m on my second bag of rold gold cheese twists for the week. my body is NOT happy with me.

I’m incredibly thankful for all these moments the universe has bestowed on us this week. Goodness is abundant.

ps. if anyone is interested in obtaining maine themed books you can find them here: One Morning in Maine, Blueberries for Sal, The Little Fisherman, About Birds: A Guide for Children

Columbus loves Mikey McD

Darla saw Michael McDonald last night. Her life is now complete at the ripe age of 3.5!

So, columbus loves them some Michael McDonald, or at least some free Michael McDonald. Darla just loved the free food and carousel rides – free to her. We still had to pay for it.

We also invented groove ball at the show. It simply involves tossing the ball back and forth but each player has to do a groove before they throw. If you forget to groove You. Are. Out.




a commons holiday celebration

we finally figured out how to control our wild child last night: freeze her into submission.

we ventured to the columbus commons holiday fair for the opening night. mainly because of the fireworks. i will go to ANYTHING if fireworks are on the bill. it turned out to be quite a nice family event, even if we were all frozen solid after only an hour. i am yet to be disappointed by anything the columbus commons people have put together. I guess the only disappointment would be the overcrowded food truck fair they had in the summer but you can’t knock people for putting on too successful of an event. and i got my food truck fill last night. momma wins again.

well we got darla down to the fair long enough to ride the carousel, eat off some trucks and see the fireworks before splitting. darla was simply too cold to want to run around too much but despite that she was having a wonderful time. All Columbusites? Columbusans? Columbusonians? yeah i like columbusonians. All Columbusonians should try to check it out this weekend. here’s a schedule. take a looksie.

if you decide to go bring along your own hot beverages. the fair sold out last night and i wish we’d had some lovely hot cocoa to sip as we strolled through the lighted displays. I recommend the carnitas tacos at Mojo Taco truck and mike had the curried chicken fries from Tatohead. one of the tastiest things i’ve had in an aeon.

happy holidays!

Seems I don’t have much time to Editorialize

But that’s ok. A photo post is probably just as sufficient and far less annoying than parental boasting. Hopefully I’ll be able to keep this up to date for Mr. Wright, who is now sailing the Mediterranean for 3 months. We feel sorry for him….