msg week

here’s our week from my iphone:


we found walking sticks and were proud of it. we said hi to our sycamores.


we had lazy picnics in the park


and kicked our shoes off for a bit. we let our bodies become grounded again.


we hung our new nature prayer flags and added darla’s new books from maine into heavy reading rotation.


we rode ruju to the audubon center to continue the bird learnin.’


we dressed up like our forest friends,


and came to an understanding that darla has no chance of normalcy under her current parental guidance.


“the older i get the more i am into taxidermy.”


we gathered blossoms and walked trails,


and spied on the pond creatures.


did you know ohio has white sand beaches? oh. no. that’s just a volleyball court. my bad.


we tried out the thursday food truck festival at columbus commons and enjoyed the commons activities.


we took in a game at huntington park.


i was sure to wear my protective head gear since our seats were pretty close.


but really the most important development of the week was my complete surrender to my msg addiction. i think i’m on my second bag of rold gold cheese twists for the week. my body is NOT happy with me.

I’m incredibly thankful for all these moments the universe has bestowed on us this week. Goodness is abundant.

ps. if anyone is interested in obtaining maine themed books you can find them here: One Morning in Maine, Blueberries for Sal, The Little Fisherman, About Birds: A Guide for Children


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