a commons holiday celebration

we finally figured out how to control our wild child last night: freeze her into submission.

we ventured to the columbus commons holiday fair for the opening night. mainly because of the fireworks. i will go to ANYTHING if fireworks are on the bill. it turned out to be quite a nice family event, even if we were all frozen solid after only an hour. i am yet to be disappointed by anything the columbus commons people have put together. I guess the only disappointment would be the overcrowded food truck fair they had in the summer but you can’t knock people for putting on too successful of an event. and i got my food truck fill last night. momma wins again.

well we got darla down to the fair long enough to ride the carousel, eat off some trucks and see the fireworks before splitting. darla was simply too cold to want to run around too much but despite that she was having a wonderful time. All Columbusites? Columbusans? Columbusonians? yeah i like columbusonians. All Columbusonians should try to check it out this weekend. here’s a schedule. take a looksie.

if you decide to go bring along your own hot beverages. the fair sold out last night and i wish we’d had some lovely hot cocoa to sip as we strolled through the lighted displays. I recommend the carnitas tacos at Mojo Taco truck and mike had the curried chicken fries from Tatohead. one of the tastiest things i’ve had in an aeon.

happy holidays!


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