way yes

 photo CB1A2D6E-6EF7-4C04-8087-FF904BBF6F47-19992-00001365587D511A_zps4800b6ff.jpg photo F353EDA9-0079-40AB-A7FF-ACD67257FADF-19992-0000136569599381_zps987e387c.jpg photo 1ADC03BF-F84B-4B74-9725-11EE1519AD37-19992-000013657DCFE823_zpsf79014e8.jpg photo DDBD5BAE-73CC-414C-9867-B1785E089E0A-19992-000013658AAB6C6D_zps4098524a.jpg

here’s our friday night down at the commons watching Way Yes. i say way yes to this band. i dig. i dig alot. sign me up for their next show!  i’m just wearing my doula shirts at all times from here on out so if you plan on going anywhere with me in the next, say, 25 years then you can count on that being my attire. as far as darla’s outfit goes you can reference this post.

also, the commons gets better every year. it’s easily becoming one of my favorite places in this city. darla ran around like a mad fool and we get to veg out to some good tunes. not to mention jeni’s and late night slice are there now.

i want more nights like that one, please, universe.


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