and back again

and now we’ve been having a few (somewhat) relaxing days getting adjusted back to real life. mike is taking classes in florida for the week so darla and i have spent the majority of our time by the pool.

or on the bike.

or biking to the pool.

you get the picture.


darla was very excited about her floaties. she put them on and immediately exclaimed “everybody wearing floaties is cool!” complete with thumbs-up arm motion. she was equally excited that the pool has spongebob popsicles. she adopted some spongebob-like facial expressions while eating:


timing is everything in photography, i guess. i’m going to be in trouble for that one someday.

upon returning from the pool darla received some mail from grandma and grandpa wright


i got to jig in some flannel last night to Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros.


the flannel would have been a great idea except LC moved the show indoors. so then flannel became a sweaty idea. but i didn’t care. Carly and i grooved and shook our hair anyway.

after the show “Mr. Sharpe” was outside getting mobbed. I tried to get him to bless my bike but as previously mentioned, he was in a mob.

also, that giant balloon lamp WAS NOT filled with candy or glitter.



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