project iron thighz

i kinda got back in the groove this week even though the weather was not so conducive. i got some mileage in there. we rode to dairy queen one night and to our favorite bakery this morning so that was pretty good motivation. probably not too good for any calorie burn off, though.

hubster has been an over achiever lately and logged 35 mi in one day this week. we be saving gas!!!

6/25 – 3.4 mi

6/26 – 1 mi

6/27 – 15 mi

7/1 – 5.2 mi

weekly: 24.6 mi

grand:   193.8

just over 8 gallons of gas saved by RuJu.


project iron thighz

last week:

5/29 – 4.2 mi

5/30 – 15 mi

5/31 – 2 mi

6/3 –  4.3 mi

25.5 weekly total

this week – i didn’t do a good job of keeping track the distances each day. i know we did a 13.5 mi ride, a 4.2 mi and a 6.5 mi ride. I’m going to add another 5 miles in there for little short trips i did around the hood but didn’t record.

so weekly is – 24.2

grand total – 132.3

5 1/2 gallons ridden off thus far.

happy riding!

project iron thighz

i’m just going to go ahead and wrap up this weeks log because we’re setting out for a weekend of camping, music and maybe a little magic. Madame RuJu will be resting from her week’s endeavors.

5/14 – 1.2 mi

5/15 – 10.4 mi

5/16 – 7 mi

5/17 – 3.3 mi

week total – 21.9

grand total – 65.2

2 gallons of gas down.

i will say husband has been a great support and riding partner. with his help, maybe we’ll get these miles knocked out before next winter after all…

cousinz day

we got to hang with our favorite niece all morning!


first the flash helped me make pancakes with an attitude


then cousinfriend joined and they all chowed on the most delicious pancakes to ever grace anyone’s lips while i ran around making said pancakes.


the we loaded up on the bikes and hit the trail


found a playground


and headed back home where girlies had an imaginary picnic. sounds pretty nice, huh? well, it was. thanks for being such an agreeable reader!


i wasn’t going to include this last pic b/c it’s pretty blurry but i did to see if anyone else caught on to how many outfit changes darla did this morning. and these were only the ones i caught on camera. i think there were 2 other variations in there.

so, we had a pretty rad day, all day. i like to look back at these posts to be reminded that our non-conventional lifestyle and schedule is completely worth it. we’re afforded so much freedom, flexibility and time to spend just like this.

hanging out together, with the people we love, searching for adventure.

Project Iron Thighz

project iron thighz has been in full effect this week with some pretty good success. the first being that we rode it some every single day, even if it was just down to the gym and back. the second being i found our bike path to downtown, along the olentangy and to the scioto mile. i also found how to get to whetsone. as soon as i’m conditioned to make it that far we’re going to ride just about everywhere on two wheels. the third being i haven’t picked up groceries in the car since we got RuJu. our time in the car has greatly decreased. and lastly, a couple women who work at our gym asked me to email them pics and info about our bike set-up so they could get something similar for themselves.

excuse me, elaine. do you brag much?

errr sorry.

look, i don’t mean to brag it’s just that this week really knocked me back on my heels and i need to celebrate any small victory i had so please, forgive me this one brag sesh.

4/30 – 2.3 miles

5/1 – 1 mi

5/2 – 2.3 miles

5/3 – 1 mi

5/4 – 2 mi

5/5 – 7 mi

5/6 – 2.4 mi

week total – 18

grand total – 26.3 mi

woo woo! we just rode away 1 gallon of gas.

here’s darla enjoying a ring pop that lasted her a 7 mi ride.


and our view from the olentangy trailway


happy biking

Project Iron Thighz


weekly tally:

4/25 – 1 mile

4/26 – 1 mile

4/28 – 1 mile

4/29 – 5.3 miles

grand total = 8.3 miles

not bad for the first week. hopefully the weather will cooperate more this next se’night. our ride home from the gym yesterday was in the rain. no biggie fries, though. it’s only a .5 mi from our homestead.

i did the math and figured out it will take me 3,200 miles to ride back the bike if i average gas to be $3.75 a gallon. bahahaha. how many years will that take? at least 8.3 is a start.

also, darla has now requested that her bike be called Ruby Juice too. I can’t decide on RuJu Too, RuJu Two, or RuJuTooTwo. i kinda like the last one. what do you think?


lastly, a pic of darla waiting for RuJu to be delivered in our bike trailer with my old not-creepy-at-all hug-a-bunch doll.

happy riding.