i’ve been in denial that this day would come since we stepped off that plane. for the record, 10 days is long enough to make you actually start to believe that you don’t have to return to your normal life, ever.

we’re packed, we’ve said good bye to the pacific, we’re getting in our last squeezes and hugs and wrestling matches (uhhh for the girls. not the adults). but i’m still not ready to go. it’s painful to think about leaving LA and heading back to columbus. especially since i just checked the forecast and it seems we’re coming home to a whole week of rain.

still, i’m excited to get back to our house and our mommy + daughter routine. we have other excitements planned for this week – hopefully i’ll help good friends bring a baby girl into the world. now THAT is something worth coming home for.

dear friends, we love you dearly. I’m so glad we/I got to spend so much time with you. we will miss you until the next time, which will be soon. I promise. love, elaine and darla.


darla and elsa at the end of the santa monica pier with their friendship necklaces

dear salty sailor,

when we took the girls to the beach i pointed out to the pacific and said “hey Darla, that’s the pacific ocean. Do you know who’s out there right now?” and she said “yep, Daddy! he’s sailing on the pacific ocean.” then she got quiet for a minute. She turned to me and had a single tear running down her cheek. She meekly said “mommy, i’m crying because i miss my daddy SO much.” it broke my heart. i was fighting back tears as i reminded her that i miss you, too, and we will all be together again soon.

since then there has been a lot of daddy talk. a lot of misses. a lot more vocalization about your absence. for example: we sent a flower into a fountain at UCLA yesterday because supposedly you are at the other end of that fountain.

i think this increase may be because we’re around cory, elsa and meg again. i think cory reminds her of her own daddy. it’s just another reason why we are so lucky to have them in our lives. please know that even though we wrucker girls can be busy, trucking through these months without you, maybe even pretending that we don’t think of you as often as we do just so it won’t hurt as much, we are missing you. you are in our thoughts. even in the littlest one’s.


how i work it

i bet you thought this was going to be a post about how i keep this figure all nice and trim. no, silly. it’s about how i work the green bean delivery system for our house.

i do our green bean delivery on a every other week schedule. the minimum delivery order is $35. everyone spends at least $35 on groceries every two weeks so this service could be applicable to everyone. except train hobos.

green bean has several different options for bin sizes and delivery frequency – once a week or bi-weekly – but we get the smallest produce bin every other week. then i add milk – either snowville or hartzler, – eggs from a local farmer and the cartons get returned and reused, and then i get something protein related. i have always loved the quality of meat we get from their partners and lately i have been very into the luna burger selections.

by covering our produce, milk, eggs, and protein once every other week i have greatly reduced the time spent in the grocery store.

now, it does take a few minutes of your time to customize your order online, but i have to say it is considerably less than what you would spend in the store. especially if you have a little lassie who is asking you for cookies, fruit snacks, graham crackers and a balloon all simultaneously.

Be sure to sign up for Green Bean delivery and get your first order by next week at $15 off! Use “MomJeanz” in the promo code and my name in the “referred by” section. Be sure to let me know which system has worked for you.

Good green


we hope your weekend and St. Patrick’s day celebrations have gotten off to a good start. Darla and I have enjoyed a morning of arting and reading out on the porch, in our green of course. we’re going to fill the rest of our day with bike rides, park picnics and errands. yeah. now that this weather is here it has to stay. no going back on this gift indian weather giver. i’m hoping for a nap later as well.


i have a birthday party to attend for a friend tonight. adult things! adult time! adult conversations! i’m pretty excited, if you can’t tell. i even painted my nails for it. oooo la la.


concert bragging

i recently went on a concert ticket spree while planning our summer so i thought i’d share. here’s a list of upcoming shows at which i’ll be groovin’:

The Black Keys – ok, i done grooved to this one last night but if they are coming through your town on this tour then you should get your moneymaker to their show. they are better than ever, hard to believe, and i’m sure their ticket prices are only going to keep going up. if you want to see them then just go NOW.

Andrew Bird

Jonny Corndawg

We Were Promised Jetpacks


St. Vincent

Nelsonville Music Festival

The Shins



Great Lake Swimmers

Forecastle Music Festival

not too shabby for the first half of the year….

sharon van awesome

last night, with the help of some wonderful family members who were willing to turn their one child valentine’s eve into a two child affair with a darla sleepover, i celebrated valentine’s day without my salty sailor. i stepped out to view sharon van etten at the wexner center for the last few hours of love’s day. i officially fell in love with sharon.

she’s really the most adorable thing to come along since the opening credits of little house on the prairie. you know, when that littlest one falls down the hill. but i’m talking pre-blind-mary little house. does anyone know if the storyline of mary meeting a blind boy at blind school and them falling in love, marrying and having a non-blind baby was for realsies or just a plot line for ratings? what? no one else was watching syndicated LHotP after school? you were missing out. i have two words for you: Michael Landon.

but i digress.

here this will bring us back to topic. some sharon van viewing for you.

ps. i love that the opening pic on sharon’s website is from the black cat, currently. gawd, i miss that place.

a week of F

learning at home about the letter F


funny faces with our friends and fried eggs in toast

Fairies! this has to be my crowning achievement thus far as a parent. that and the fact that darla loves to watch water birth on youtube. we did days and days of fairy learning.



counting them, reading poems and books about them, drawing them, movies about them, dressing like them. we just did a comprehensive fairy lesson. i discovered that robert louis stevenson involved fairies in many of his children’s poems. the elementary school that darla will attend is named after this fantastical man and i have decided that she will enter into the public schooling system under his namesake solely on the fact that he liked to write about fairies. these little beings are no joke to me.


we drew foxes and frogs. movies about each. we read about foxes and frogs. we even found one book that involved foxes, frogs and fairies. how convenient.


i let darla pick out some flowers for the week and we reviewed the different parts of flowers.


we learned a lot about france and i tried to incorporate some french vocabulary into the week


the end result was some highly stereotyped finger art



we went out to a french bistro where darla ate butter straight from the packet like any good french citizen would



we did a lot of other things that i won’t bore you with. but i love sharing what we do so the next time you see my child spinning in circles talking in a made up language i have some proof that i’m making attempts at educating the dear child.


how are you doing with your resolutions? well, i have actually forgotten the name of the website that is supposed to be keeping track of my progress. does that tell you how i’m doing?

i do want to report that now that i’ve completed my backlog obsession with friday night lights, i’ve gotten back to reading. books.

my first book submission to you for 2012 is Cutting for Stone by Abraham Verghese.

i really loved this book. very detailed and in depth. it has a lot going on so i pretty much had to set the book down and digest for a few days before picking back up again, which can be good. i started this book at the end of 2011 and it took me a while to finish.

i have to make a comment about the universe. i did a lot of labor, birth and breastfeeding reading for doula certification in 2011. i kept trying to work fiction into the mix in between my required materials. all the fiction books i picked randomly had a main character who was a midwife or obstetrician.

i get it universe. i’m on the right path. even when i was trying to get away from reading about the ladyparts i couldn’t.

a week of D

we did a week of D filled activities. it seemed appropriate with darla’s birthday week and daddy going back to work. we were able to work around the letter a lot. here’s some of what we did:

we started here:IMG_1735

for Donuts


we shared with friends


dinosaur stickers: we each did drawings of prehistoric earth and placed the dinosaurs in their respective habitats. darla’s only specifications were her dinosaurs ate pink and blue food.


lots and lots of daddy + daughter time. i have to give it to my man, he soaked up as much as he could before he left.



giving Dora a bath on one of their daddy + daughter days (photo courtesy of mike’s iphone)



dragons were an unplanned thing for our week. this was a happy little coincidence for me, because i love dragons, and also it gave rise to lots of opportunities for talking about da D.

lastly we put the chalkboard dining room to good use outlining all the D things we did. i think we’ll go with these week long formats from now on. it’s a whole lot easier and more comprehensive.20120205-205605.jpgDarla has picked F for next week. i look forward to updating you on how i work fashion and france into everything we learn…