a week of F

learning at home about the letter F


funny faces with our friends and fried eggs in toast

Fairies! this has to be my crowning achievement thus far as a parent. that and the fact that darla loves to watch water birth on youtube. we did days and days of fairy learning.



counting them, reading poems and books about them, drawing them, movies about them, dressing like them. we just did a comprehensive fairy lesson. i discovered that robert louis stevenson involved fairies in many of his children’s poems. the elementary school that darla will attend is named after this fantastical man and i have decided that she will enter into the public schooling system under his namesake solely on the fact that he liked to write about fairies. these little beings are no joke to me.


we drew foxes and frogs. movies about each. we read about foxes and frogs. we even found one book that involved foxes, frogs and fairies. how convenient.


i let darla pick out some flowers for the week and we reviewed the different parts of flowers.


we learned a lot about france and i tried to incorporate some french vocabulary into the week


the end result was some highly stereotyped finger art



we went out to a french bistro where darla ate butter straight from the packet like any good french citizen would



we did a lot of other things that i won’t bore you with. but i love sharing what we do so the next time you see my child spinning in circles talking in a made up language i have some proof that i’m making attempts at educating the dear child.


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