a week of D

we did a week of D filled activities. it seemed appropriate with darla’s birthday week and daddy going back to work. we were able to work around the letter a lot. here’s some of what we did:

we started here:IMG_1735

for Donuts


we shared with friends


dinosaur stickers: we each did drawings of prehistoric earth and placed the dinosaurs in their respective habitats. darla’s only specifications were her dinosaurs ate pink and blue food.


lots and lots of daddy + daughter time. i have to give it to my man, he soaked up as much as he could before he left.



giving Dora a bath on one of their daddy + daughter days (photo courtesy of mike’s iphone)



dragons were an unplanned thing for our week. this was a happy little coincidence for me, because i love dragons, and also it gave rise to lots of opportunities for talking about da D.

lastly we put the chalkboard dining room to good use outlining all the D things we did. i think we’ll go with these week long formats from now on. it’s a whole lot easier and more comprehensive.20120205-205605.jpgDarla has picked F for next week. i look forward to updating you on how i work fashion and france into everything we learn…


6 thoughts on “a week of D

  1. Elaine- I noticed you had said she was off to school in the fall…. are you sending her to a preschool…. did you guys decide against homeschooling for now?
    Looks like D was a big hit. And Loving Mikes fro these days. ;) I bet he loves the photo updates…..

    • hey J, we decided it would be best for darla to try school in the fall. she’ll go a couple mornings a week. i was happy sticking with our plan of homeschooling, but darla really has been begging to go to school with other kids and i have to honor her wishes :( plus, she is really trying to assert her independence from me right now and is not being very cooperative about learning from her mother. so if she is going to do better and be more receptive in a schoolroom then that’s what i gotta do. and i’m not gonna lie….i am really looking forward to having a couple hours to myself a week. maybe once she’s older and realized how cool i am then we’ll home school her in our winnebago while we travel around the country :)

      • I understand completely….. and a few hours a week will be pretty special. I have considered a one day a week preschool program for that reason…. and some interaction with other youngsters. I’ve wondered whether or not Carter will ask about going to school- he is very interested in the school buses that drive by. I’m sure that day will come- and I can’t say for sure how I’ll react. For now- so far, so good. But I’m seeing some of that newfound independence here too. Must be an ‘almost three’ thing. He still thinks I’m cool right now and wants Mama to be his teacher….. I hope that never changes….. maybe wishful thinking but I’ll hope.
        You girls keep learning, whether she’s receptive or not. She’ll think you’re cool in the winnebago days when she surfs the old blog posts. :)
        Hope she feels much better soon!

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