how i work it

i bet you thought this was going to be a post about how i keep this figure all nice and trim. no, silly. it’s about how i work the green bean delivery system for our house.

i do our green bean delivery on a every other week schedule. the minimum delivery order is $35. everyone spends at least $35 on groceries every two weeks so this service could be applicable to everyone. except train hobos.

green bean has several different options for bin sizes and delivery frequency – once a week or bi-weekly – but we get the smallest produce bin every other week. then i add milk – either snowville or hartzler, – eggs from a local farmer and the cartons get returned and reused, and then i get something protein related. i have always loved the quality of meat we get from their partners and lately i have been very into the luna burger selections.

by covering our produce, milk, eggs, and protein once every other week i have greatly reduced the time spent in the grocery store.

now, it does take a few minutes of your time to customize your order online, but i have to say it is considerably less than what you would spend in the store. especially if you have a little lassie who is asking you for cookies, fruit snacks, graham crackers and a balloon all simultaneously.

Be sure to sign up for Green Bean delivery and get your first order by next week at $15 off! Use “MomJeanz” in the promo code and my name in the “referred by” section. Be sure to let me know which system has worked for you.


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