i’ve been in denial that this day would come since we stepped off that plane. for the record, 10 days is long enough to make you actually start to believe that you don’t have to return to your normal life, ever.

we’re packed, we’ve said good bye to the pacific, we’re getting in our last squeezes and hugs and wrestling matches (uhhh for the girls. not the adults). but i’m still not ready to go. it’s painful to think about leaving LA and heading back to columbus. especially since i just checked the forecast and it seems we’re coming home to a whole week of rain.

still, i’m excited to get back to our house and our mommy + daughter routine. we have other excitements planned for this week – hopefully i’ll help good friends bring a baby girl into the world. now THAT is something worth coming home for.

dear friends, we love you dearly. I’m so glad we/I got to spend so much time with you. we will miss you until the next time, which will be soon. I promise. love, elaine and darla.


darla and elsa at the end of the santa monica pier with their friendship necklaces


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