dear salty sailor,

when we took the girls to the beach i pointed out to the pacific and said “hey Darla, that’s the pacific ocean. Do you know who’s out there right now?” and she said “yep, Daddy! he’s sailing on the pacific ocean.” then she got quiet for a minute. She turned to me and had a single tear running down her cheek. She meekly said “mommy, i’m crying because i miss my daddy SO much.” it broke my heart. i was fighting back tears as i reminded her that i miss you, too, and we will all be together again soon.

since then there has been a lot of daddy talk. a lot of misses. a lot more vocalization about your absence. for example: we sent a flower into a fountain at UCLA yesterday because supposedly you are at the other end of that fountain.

i think this increase may be because we’re around cory, elsa and meg again. i think cory reminds her of her own daddy. it’s just another reason why we are so lucky to have them in our lives. please know that even though we wrucker girls can be busy, trucking through these months without you, maybe even pretending that we don’t think of you as often as we do just so it won’t hurt as much, we are missing you. you are in our thoughts. even in the littlest one’s.



3 thoughts on “dear salty sailor,

  1. Thanks for sharing Elaine. Breaks our heart too, but you do such a wonderful job of keeping it all together and your head up despite the separation. Give Miss D a big hug and kiss for us and have her give you the same back. Hang in there, gotta be on the “home stretch” pretty soon. Take care.

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