snow day play

a sick girl can still go out and enjoy the snow.




i was so thankful to wake up and see the snow this morning. for one, it meant i had a good excuse to make a baked good for breakfast. two, i haven’t been able to take darla out to play in the snow all winter. why? because we’ve had none. we had a good time watching the big kids run around for recess.

darla’s favorite activity:


being pushed in the swing while yelling “snowball” repeatedly. yep. love it.


One thought on “snow day play

  1. I just love these blog entries about your day to day activities. And its amazing how pretty Darla is even with the scabs of handfootmouth disease and how she persists in enjoying herself no matter what. I hadn’t noticed the line of trees down the street either and am thinking how awesome they will be in warmer weather! I do hope you get more snow too. We had the same little mini dusting here today. Nice winter time for drivers but the kids need a good deep playing in snow now. Thanks for the great updates….they make my day!

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