more snaps

and here are are two shots that illustrate perfectly why we chose to have our photos taken at spoonful. spoonful records is beautiful, funky, well organized and beautiful. did i already say that? i guess what i mean is that it is evident he took time to design a space that would highlight some of the more artistic design elements that go along with music. admittedly, it’s fun to dig through some bins in a dingy record shop but spoonful provides a nice alternative with being able to view the album art gallery style. many thanks to brett for letting us invade his space.

mike loves this last photo. he says if there’s one thing he can teach darla it’s how to flip through the racks at a record shop.

that’s all for now.

photos by claudia retter of aion arts


2 thoughts on “more snaps

  1. Oh my all of you are such beautiful individuals and in this group shot with the striking background its overwhelming to my eyes to see such prettiness. I love these! Keep em coming….makes my day to see such beauty.

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