Ode to the Pregnant Mother: A Giveaway!!!

OdePregnantMotherlast week i received this beautiful Chelsea Perkins Ode to the Pregnant Mother painting from a doula client. I fell in love with it instantly.

I’m happy to officially announce the giveaway  for this painting.  I can assure you it looks beautiful framed.

So who should enter this contest? Hmmm well let ‘s see:

anyone who is a birth worker looking for something sweet  to hang in their office or home.

anyone who is looking for the perfect baby shower gift.

any woman who is pregnant now and wants to commemorate their pregnancy.

any woman who has ever been pregnant, ever.

and, hello, mother’s day is right around the corner…

so the answer is all of you .

all of you should be entering to win this free, gorgeous 9 x 12 painting. 

either for yourself or as a gift to someone dear. heck, maybe even give it to your doula or midwife ;-)

In addition, I’d like to add that Chelsea makes beautiful animal inspired paintings. To me, they seem like perfect nursery/kids room material or could be found on a hipster mantle or bathroom somewhere. pretty much the perfect combo, right?

you can find examples on her facebook page and etsy or send in a request for a custom animal print – in case you’re really into jackalopes.

Ms. Perkins is generously extending a 25% discount to my readers with the MOMJEANZ code on etsy. So if you can’t stand the chances of not winning this print you can custom order one for yourself or your favorite pregnant lady. While you’re in there ordering your ode to a pregnant mother painting go ahead and submit a request for that jackalope for junior’s room. it’s too good to pass up. I’ll be posting a button over on the side bar for easy etsy access. 

So here’s how to enter:

1. Leave a comment below telling me who you’d be giving this to and why {and mommas it’s completely ok to say yourself. you’ve earned it by carrying a human inside you} 

I hope to see a lot of comments coming in for this beautiful print. And I hope you’ll send some sweet support Chelsea’s way with her lovely original paintings on etsy.

best of luck! winner will be announced next week.

{ps. please like Chelsea Perkins Art and Momjeanz on facers if you haven’t already.}


a gifted doula: a chelsea perkins print

 photo DC317820-7633-49AB-89F3-4982C1028F52-38449-0000262C98A9A666_zps911bc07c.jpg

i received this beautiful print from a client earlier this week. i fell in love with it instantly. i will cherish it all my days.

and i’m happy to announce that the artist, columbus’ own chelsea perkins, is going to let me host a give-a-way of one of her “ode to a mother” prints next week. stay tuned for that announcement to win one of your very own. i’m very excited about it!

in the mean time, head on over to her facebook page and etsy to check out her cute custom prints.

please stop by for the details next week.

{and a public thank you to the thoughtful momma who gave this to me. this truly makes me a “gifted doula” now ;-) }

friday reads

just some things i’ve been loving on the internet lately:


this is my new internet crack addiction. i get my fix of picturesque new england scenes and secretly (now not-so-secretly) concoct plans of tricking my parents into retiring in maine, my cousin to move back to maine, and my husbeau and girlie to migrate there and live out some new england fantasy life. we shall see.

beautiful breastfeeding portrait as seen on marvelouskiddo.blogspot.com


it’s not that i like this next post but i’m glad more information is getting out about this. it was hard to toss all the lotion and baby wash that we received for baby shower in the recycle bin but i blamed myself for not having read the information sooner to have informed our shower attendees that we would be using only organic baby products. if you have any pregnant or newly parenting friends please have them do more research on their baby products. they can start with this article.

this new site by anthropologie has me itching to create and leave a beautiful mark on the world. please go to the anthropologist and be inspired. this is the story of artist Jim Denevan working in Siberia. photos on the site are breathtaking. the installment about PE Guerin was fascinating as well. Jim’s vid-yo below.

my personal fave of these was this one about Phillip Toledano. it’s about his baby girl and becoming a father. i like his honesty and, of course, his artistic eye. i mean, putting your screaming baby’s face on a plate is pretty hilarious.

and lastly, i don’t care about kim’s divorce. i don’t care that she even got married in the first place. her marriage does not define mine so i’m not going to get all up in arms as a married person. BUT i hope it will bring some attention to loving couples who do deserve their married rights. the pics of love and devotion in this article are something to which we should all aspire. oh, and our senses of humor should aspire to this.

ps. i’ve really been digging this blog too.


what blogs do you love? leave them in the comments. i’m craving new inspirations and informations.