avoiding maternity clothes

 avoiding maternity clothes

i didn’t do a good job taking pics this past week. or dressing myself really. but it doesn’t matter because this is the only outfit that exists from here on out…to the end of this pregnancy. and always.  it’s the most comfortable black dress ever. i will wear it every day. no more pregnancy fashion posts because this is what i wear all day, every day. forever and ever. amen.

the end.

avoiding maternity clothes

here’s how i did with avoiding maternity clothes this week.

 avoiding maternity clothes
avoiding maternity clothes
 avoiding maternity clothes
maternity fringe
fringe belly

^^^let’s get a close-up of that fringe belly^^^

doula t-shirt
 doula on
 maternity jumpsuit

 maternity dress

my go to move is to throw a floral print over this bod and call it a day. but i also included some shots of what i look like on my normal mom days = disheveled hair, stretch pants and a doula tee. that’s my mom uniform. that was taken after i attended a comfort techniques mini-workshop this weekend so yes, i’m quote unquote keeping it realziez here. people see me like this. often. more often than i would like. in fact this series might be based in the fact that i want people to see me looking somewhat put together but usually no one is around when that happens and i am alone shouting into a mirror “hey, come see how good i look!”

lastly, you will be horrified to find out that husband was going to give away this turquoise jumpsuit! more than that, we’ve had this for years in our basement and i’m just now finding out about it. COLLECTIVE GASP. this will now be my maternity jumpsuit and you will probably see me in it often. my rescuing of this gem lead to the rest of my family donning coordinating turquoise outfits to our local diner. it made me oh-so-happy.

but in the end, i always come back to my wallpaper florals.

let’s see how i do for this week…


it looks like i’m going to have to get myself an alternative swimsuit for the summer. i thought my normal suit would work out but it’s not looking good. given how hard it is to find a suit for my non-pregnant body i thought it was going to be the same for my preggo body but one google search and BAM this little number turned up, from Target nonetheless.

i’ve been in love with this color lately so i’m crossing my fingers they’ll still have my size when my next paycheck rolls around…


although, i may just take this summer as an opportunity to rock a bikini since i don’t pull that off well in my non-humangrowing days.

bump day

i couldn’t pick just one image for bump day this week so i just decided to include both. i feel they gel together nicely by highlighting new things happening to my body. darla likes to keep track of how far her finger *doesn’t* go into my belly button anymore. thanks, kid. i never got an outie with her but it did get pretty darn flat. we’re getting there.

i really like the second image because it shows how my body is folding over and resting on itself in new ways. well, in truth, it always folds over and rests on itself in more places than i would like but at least when a baby is in there it’s for a purpose. and i was wearing my Frankie Says Relax shirt as a reminder…hey, relax…it’s only a baby belly on the internet. no biggie fries.

mmmm biggie fries…

 photo 38E7E382-72F3-4AD1-A8BE-EA94A66C8F80-14096-00000959235F7A63_zpsa1cbaf5c.jpg photo D1BA8ED7-A508-4446-B352-F6BB316B3FAE-14096-000009591C6EC8E1_zps5900809f.jpg

bump day

 photo C22EB773-AC8D-41A2-A5D5-B0DEE55DD3CA-3406-00000305E46FF0C3_zps2a0f9f1c.jpg

hanging out by the window with my bump b/c my bump is so serene and prolific. yeah.

i think i’ve crossed the threshold of everything just feeling really big from here on out. ain’t it wonderful? getting big is a good thing. one of the nice things about subsequent pregnancy is knowing that 3 more months of being big is a really short amount of time. during a first pregnancy 3 more months seems like an eternity but now…i think i have a more accurate idea of just how quickly 3 months will slip by in relation to the rest of my life.

this person will be here before we know it.



i’m not afraid to show my belly and i’m not sorry

 photo 118811B7-FF8B-4E9F-9330-DD7733993117-1733-000001A285752256_zpsf1ce0b4c.jpg

this post is here to tell you how wildly proud of my baby belly and mama body i am.

you have probably noticed from this blog and other social media that i’m not really one to keep it all under wraps or covered in a mu-mu. i love the way my body looks pregnant and i’m not really sorry about that. i think pregnant bellies are beautiful and i wish more of them were out there in the real world for us to see, not just slapped in advertisements to get us to buy things. because that’s the only time skin bared on a woman is acceptable right?

this post is also serving as a warning that it’s not going to stop anytime soon. for those of you who know me in real life you should know that you may, at some point, see me out and about with a whole lot more of myself out and about. this mama has mid-drift tops and she’s not afraid to wear them. warm weather is approaching and this belly has got to breathe!

if you have an opinion about that, particularly a negative one, then i first want to applaud you for being in touch with yourself and in tune with your own opinions. but secondly, i want to remind you that i do not really care about your opinion. your opinion is not my business. feel free to run the other way if you see me and my bare baby belly approaching.

because it’s out. and it will be about. and i won’t be sorry or shamed about it for one little minute.

bump day

baby belly pic

it’s a birthday baby bump post today. it’s hard for me to believe that the body holding that baby is 31 years old. i never thought i would get old.  the 30s are a weird decade where sometimes i feel much, much older than my years only to follow it up with feelings of eternal youth the next day.

anyway, i’ve enjoyed a day of rainy solitude for my 31st birthday. husbeau left me cinnamon rolls for breakfast and i’ve been catching up on household projects, rest and online work that was all put on the back burner during 6 long days of workshops and learning for my ventures into postpartum doula work and childbirth education. there’s a lot to unpack in this brain. i feel like i have a 50 item laundry list of things i want to get started on asap to further my career in birthwork.

but in the middle of it all, i’ve made sure to stop and spend time with this belly. i cannot believe it will be only a few short months before i meet the little person inside there.

birth work is my jam

birth work tee from skreened.com/momjeanz

birth work is my jam, yo!

all the excitement is with me right now as i’ll be attending my DONA postpartum doula training AND Lamaze Childbirth Educator training today through next wednesday.

excite! excite! all the excite!

i can pretty much guarantee there will be crying from me and lots of lady fawning posts on various social mediums.

all the support for all the families!!!!!!!!!!!

wish me luck.

journaling the maternal experience

 photo E5DBBF76-A5B0-4731-BF64-17002CB1401D-24036-000005FE1F94278D_zps1353a1e4.jpg

at a recent appointment with our midwives i discussed trying to find the balance between being connected to this birth and being controlling. with darla’s birth i believed that everything would be ok and all would be well, as nature intended. well, that’s actually a pretty good way to head into your first birth since things did end up pretty well. but i don’t feel like i really connected to my pregnancy with her ahead of time. i feel much more spiritually involved with this little one. however, i’m also feeling more aware of the possibilities of things that *could* go wrong and i’m having a harder time disconnecting from those thoughts. that ignorant bliss goes right out the window with naiveté once you’ve been doing birthwork for a while. it’s given me a lot of empathy for medical professionals given the fact that the majority of the births i’ve seen have been peaceful and natural.

so i decided journaling the rest of this pregnancy would be a good thing for me. i feel i’ve been involved with this pregnancy at a more heightened level and i need to make sure that continues to come from a good place and not a place of fear. because i do believe this natural act my body, baby and self are to perform in a few months will be lovely and healthy. i might just need a place to write that down daily as a reminder. and i believe that when actions are motivated by fear then they secondarily become motivated by control. i don’t need to control this life event. i need to experience it. i need to cling firmly to the faith that all will be normal, healthy and safe, as intended.

i have a few other things i’ve been practicing and/or plan on incorporating into birth prep that i’ll share here in time.  because having faith in the process doesn’t absolve me from doing work on my end to nourish my body, mind and baby. please stay tuned for future pregnancy work updates!