i’m not afraid to show my belly and i’m not sorry

 photo 118811B7-FF8B-4E9F-9330-DD7733993117-1733-000001A285752256_zpsf1ce0b4c.jpg

this post is here to tell you how wildly proud of my baby belly and mama body i am.

you have probably noticed from this blog and other social media that i’m not really one to keep it all under wraps or covered in a mu-mu. i love the way my body looks pregnant and i’m not really sorry about that. i think pregnant bellies are beautiful and i wish more of them were out there in the real world for us to see, not just slapped in advertisements to get us to buy things. because that’s the only time skin bared on a woman is acceptable right?

this post is also serving as a warning that it’s not going to stop anytime soon. for those of you who know me in real life you should know that you may, at some point, see me out and about with a whole lot more of myself out and about. this mama has mid-drift tops and she’s not afraid to wear them. warm weather is approaching and this belly has got to breathe!

if you have an opinion about that, particularly a negative one, then i first want to applaud you for being in touch with yourself and in tune with your own opinions. but secondly, i want to remind you that i do not really care about your opinion. your opinion is not my business. feel free to run the other way if you see me and my bare baby belly approaching.

because it’s out. and it will be about. and i won’t be sorry or shamed about it for one little minute.


One thought on “i’m not afraid to show my belly and i’m not sorry

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