avoiding maternity clothes

friends, romans, countrymen,

i think it may be time to put Avoiding Maternity Clothes to rest. at this point, i’m avoiding all clothes not just maternity items. and i think it’s safe to say i’m not going to run out and purchase my first pair of maternity jeans here in the final days.

sooooo…I DID IT!!

2 pregnancies. 0 maternity pants purchased. 1,000,000,000 awesome pregnancy points earned!

just kidding. in the end it doesn’t really matter but i think i’ll get a post out sometime in the future as to why exactly i am against the maternity clothes.

what i have to share today was actually purchased with postpartum in mind, specifically night-time nursing. i’ve been getting back into visiting our local thrift store and found a couple cheap, vintage options that i love and feel are working just fine here at the end of pregnancy as well:

 photo 95C9A635-330A-4BB0-9B58-3F86BCB7590F-6091-0000021A8724CF0B_zps075fe15b.jpg

^^^ this is NOT a maternity nightgown, just a muumuu some dear, large lady left behind. to me it feels like the perfect, roomy nightgown ^^^

 photo 8E20521C-524A-48ED-9C3C-0E6567A27850-7660-000002E186556B13_zps82d9839a.jpg

^^^ and this caught my eye because there may be a slight chance my grandmother had this exact same sleep set. look at that sleeve detailing and those fabric buttons!  when mike saw this on me he was like “what the actual hell is going on with you.” ^^^

and he’s right. i’ve entered into this phase of my life where i look at silk sleep sets and think “hey, that would look great on me.”  and i don’t think i’m wrong. it does look great on me. and it is not my fault that there is a lack of front buttons on reasonably priced women’s sleepwear for my age demographic!

so, that’s a wrap on avoiding maternity clothes. thanks for following along! soon we will be back to our regularly scheduled bad fashion choices. soon. i hope.


avoiding maternity clothes

i did
clothes this week…

 photo 86E08195-6807-4110-BF3D-CDAD0D193483-11758-000003708D9A99CE_zps4efac03e.jpg

only one addition to the regular rotation. but it was a fun addition, a funky addition. it’s an addition that needs some recognition. fringing this t-shirt is what i spent my precious alone time doing. yep. fringe is an important accessory to me. and this t-shirt is getting me excited for rocking my postpartum mom bod for the rest of the summer. mid-drifts aren’t just for baby bumps anymore! stretch marks and blown out belly buttons will be on display soon, too!

darla came home to me wearing this and had instant fringe envy. don’t worry, we fixed her up with a style of her own. keep a look out for a post in which she dons her own fringey tee in just a bit.

seriously, wish and magical think me into postpartum clothes by next week. please. thanks!

avoiding maternity clothes

i did
maternity clothes
this week……………


^^^ berry picking in all white because i never really make good fashion decisions ^^^


^^^ dark colors and long sleeves for an outdoor festival during a 90 degree day because again…. ^^^


 ^^^ a very important outfit these days. i’m very thankful to my regular bathing suit for hanging in there as a maternity suit. this may or may not qualify as a good fashion decision depending on which side you’re on ^^^

* wish me luck with next week. or better yet, wish me luck with a birth and a first week in postpartum clothes!*

avoiding maternity clothes

how i did this week avoiding maternity clothes…with a little help from my friends.

this weeks post is a tribute to a few people who popped up in life to say “hey, i have some flowy, fabricy garments. you can put them on your big body if you’d like!”  it was nice to have my maternity wardrobe double in size.

prairie dress

 ^^^ prairie dress. i pretended i was a pregnant laura ingalls wilder ^^^

avoid maternity

 ^^^ i love the look of a belt cinched above a baby bump ^^^

tie dye

 ^^^ story about this shirt: i was literally walking around my house in just pants, bra and support tank top sulking to myself that i didn’t have any shirts left to fit over my body when i said “i wonder what is in this package that just arrived from my aunt?” it contained this shirt, which happens to be my power color this pregnancy, and also happens to be non-maternity and comfortable as heck. i love my family’s cosmic ways. oh and the flower was added by darla just before i left for work. she said it made me look like a beautiful senorita. how could i not wear it then? ^^^


maternity sari

 ^^^ and i’m so in love with this red dress ^^^

 so thank you to those of you who gifted/loaned me something in this past week or two. i have definitely put it to good use.  wish me luck with this week!

avoiding maternity clothes

from the non-maternity files this week…

bird top

you may remember this birdie top from an earlier post. yeah i got it. and i now know why big, beautiful black women wear loud prints. i know why the largest woman at church wears the biggest hat on easter sunday. i know why the caged bird sings… living large and in charge means covering your largeness in prints that say “yeah, i’m proud of alllllllll of this.”


conway twitty outfit
or you can just put conway twitty on your largeness and call it a day.

avoiding maternity clothes

avoiding maternity clothes

avoiding maternity clothes

all my pants are being worn urkle style these days. and by all i mean the two pairs i fit into as of now. this outfit was the only addition to my fashion rotation this week.

i want to give a shout out to this accessory above. this is a relic from my first job at the goodwill store back when goodwill used to be a true thrift store. it’s a vintage belt and i’m happy that 16 year-old me acquired this belt all those years ago to help 31 year-old me ease through the high-waisted days just a little less self-consciously.

avoiding maternity clothes

i think we can all be in agreement here that i don’t need to show you repeat outfits, right? you can just assume that i’m pulling out the same stretchy fabrics and wearing those around. when i’m not in those, i’m choosing to usurp husbeau’s t-shirts and forgo pants around the house. true life.

however, i do feel these gems deserve some space on the internet:
watermelon maternity outfit

pregnant ladies in crop tops! let’s do this!! this was my watermelon music festival ensemble. mike said i was the most beautiful watermelon he’s ever seen.

mormon meat puppets

and lastly, i think pairing a pentecostal skirt with my cut off meat puppets t-shirt went over pretty nicely, don’t you? really, it’s a $7 forever21 maxi skirt that has been a weekly go to. i highly recommend it to my fellow ladies makin’ babies.


wish me luck and send me all your positive lycra vibes that i’ll make it through this next week!

avoiding maternity clothes

how i did this week with avoiding maternity clothes…

horizontal stripes maternity


garden maternity

 ^^^and i call this one YARD WORK IN THE RAIN. IT’S STILL 80.^^^

raining maternity

^^^this is OH NOW IT’S 60. STILL RAINING, THOUGH.^^^

avoiding maternity clothes

^^^ well, 50s AND RAINING BUT NEW {old} BED LINENS!^^^

maternity clothes

^^^rounding it out with OK, LET’S JUST STICK WITH MY BIG OL’ BIG LADY BLACK DRESS look^^^

avoiding maternity clothes

avoiding maternity clothes

^^^ styled by darla and still in my regular jeanz!! ^^^

avoiding maternity clothes

 avoiding maternity clothes

^^^ from that part of my pregnancy that took place in the 60s ^^^

avoiding maternity clothes

^^^ and i just want to say this looked way less pajama-ish in real life ^^^

so another week has gone by of stretching tent like fabrics over my bod. i’m feeling a little skeptical about whether or not i’ll make it through the end of this without purchasing maternity clothes. this belly is getting bodaciously big. AND I LOVE IT. except for one thing. it’s present in that last photo, however faintly. upon laundry inspection, i’ve come to realize that all my shirts are getting food stains dropped on the top of my bump. methinks i need to slow down on the shovel factor. it’s just a bit embarrassing.

also, can i just say how thankful i am that i decided a while back to make boho, semi hippie fringe my look. because now it’s like not a big deal if my hair’s a mess and my patterns clash. that’s just my look. ladies, if you’re pregnant, i highly suggest you just get your hair cut in a mop like fashion and then you’ll never have to worry about doing it. it’ll just be part of your look.

there. the end.

avoiding maternity clothes

here’s how i did with avoiding maternity clothes this week.

 avoiding maternity clothes
avoiding maternity clothes
 avoiding maternity clothes
maternity fringe
fringe belly

^^^let’s get a close-up of that fringe belly^^^

doula t-shirt
 doula on
 maternity jumpsuit

 maternity dress

my go to move is to throw a floral print over this bod and call it a day. but i also included some shots of what i look like on my normal mom days = disheveled hair, stretch pants and a doula tee. that’s my mom uniform. that was taken after i attended a comfort techniques mini-workshop this weekend so yes, i’m quote unquote keeping it realziez here. people see me like this. often. more often than i would like. in fact this series might be based in the fact that i want people to see me looking somewhat put together but usually no one is around when that happens and i am alone shouting into a mirror “hey, come see how good i look!”

lastly, you will be horrified to find out that husband was going to give away this turquoise jumpsuit! more than that, we’ve had this for years in our basement and i’m just now finding out about it. COLLECTIVE GASP. this will now be my maternity jumpsuit and you will probably see me in it often. my rescuing of this gem lead to the rest of my family donning coordinating turquoise outfits to our local diner. it made me oh-so-happy.

but in the end, i always come back to my wallpaper florals.

let’s see how i do for this week…