fo’ mo’ yearz

obama chalk

“as ohio goes, so does the country.”



no matter what happens tomorrow i’m glad i was there for this.wawwyjay z obamawawwy

and i’m glad i was with these two line buddies. darla was a real trooper. i mean it. we were there from 11 in the morning until 5 and she was great. she got a little bored during the boss’s slower songs so she started playing games on my phone. as soon as jay z started she just handed my phone back to me without even so much as breaking gaze of the stage and stared transfixed. so maybe she’s into hip hop. she a fly girl. she a j-lo.

just now during bedtime routine, i asked her what she thought of the rally and she said “oh it was great. it smelled like popcorn and the nerds you brought were yummy.” soooo maybe she didn’t really get that much out of it…but she told me she really liked the parts where she got to yell with everyone. that’s enough for me.

happy voting tomorrow, everyone!

ps. here was my main reference point for the day to darla. i may rely on an american tail as a teaching source just a little too much:

obligatory vote post


darla and i had fun with this chalk mural outside the wexner center today. we jumped from star to star all the way up to the door. we were attending a leibovitz event (post and pics tomorrow). i hope everyone is ready to cast your vote on tuesday. we’ll be vying for a spot to get into the big rally here in columbus tomorrow. i really want to give darla that experience. i was 9 1/2 months pregnant, waddling along with hundreds of thousands on The Mall during Obama’s inauguration. i’ll always feel that small connection to the beginning of her life and transport myself back to the excitement of that time in my life come every election.

she’ll grow up and form her own opinions and my only wish is that i do right by her giving her the tools to be firmly invested in her own convictions. i hope involving her from a young age might help her to be connected to her rights as a voter. and i hope you will be too.

remember, votes are like assholes…everybody only has one!