and here are some more pics from our visit to the fairfield county fair in mike’s hometown, lancaster oh. because, well, fairs always make for pretty pictures. tickets round

chopper round

slide start round

birch beerbirch round

balloon round

crowdedfair round

this may be the state’s last county fair for the year but i can’t guarantee it’ll be ours. we’re at 5 fairs for the year and one major theme park. we’re gonna see this thing through.

1. ticket to ride  2. new ride  3. dad’s turn on the fun slide  4 & 5. birch beer – it’s not only delicious, it’s pretty too  6 & 7 balloon wrangling. immediately regret the decision to get her that balloon. no i don’t. she loved it and started referring to it as her baby. it was worth it in the end.

harvest moon weekend

did you enjoy the harvest moon weekend? did neil young perform in your headspace as well? just me?

oh well.

we enjoyed a wonderful weekend of beautiful weather (thankful for that after several rainy days), carnival rides, food truck fest and a little girl running hills.

ferris wheel

at the top of the ferris wheel

ferris wheel 2Photobucket

picture comment one: i was a little reluctant to let darla in the fun house. i mean, did you see those paintings? i don’t know if you know this but carnivals are creepy…

picture comment two: the food truck fest was at mallow run winery. this was a rad time! the set up was very relaxed and kid-friendly – a great place to relax, nosh, and watch your child run up and down hills while you delude yourself that it will help get her into an earlier bedtime. i highly suggest it for any of you central indiana folk.

hope you enjoyed your weekend. thanks for reading about ours!


i don’t know if you know this but we take darla to a lot of fairs. A LOT. she’s met more carnies than a ummm person who meets a lot of carnies.

well, anyway, i took darla to a carnival yesterday. more on that event later but i wanted to share some photos from our buzzker visit at the beginning of the month. see here’s my thought process: carnivals + left coast = buzzker visit memories:

lucky for us, we live right across the street from the park where the annual neighborhood carnival is held. we took the girls over for some fun when darla’s best friend, elsa, visited a few weeks back.

Photobucket Photobucket

1. ready to ride  2. big girls riding the big slide  3. the lamest carnival ride ever  4. seriously the lamest but they both loved it  5. gerbilz  6. father + daughter barrel spin  7. i asked her to stand next to buckey and this is what i got.

we really miss you friends! we’re so thankful our gals got to spend two days together riding that bath tub ride. seriously? what was the attraction there? they rode it like 5 times!