snaps of our week and gratitude with attitude:

family voter's breakfastvotingmoustache house wild hairshadowreadingbitez

listy listy of my gratefulness. this week i’m thankful for:

1. a family that still has fun even after 2 1/2 hrs of waiting in line

 2. warm, portable voter’s breakfast and a voting location within walking distance

3. thankful for the voting process and for being an ohio voter for the first time. i’m pretty much hooked. that swing state suspense is killer!

4. thankful for walks with my girl past “the moustache house”

5. my girl’s wild hair

6. sunny & warm fall afternoons at the playground and shadows that make me look like a MO-del

7. daddy daughter reading time

8. and again, this girl. if there’s any questions as to why….just check out that face ONE MORE TIME.

wishing you all a happy weekend.


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