it looks like i’m going to have to get myself an alternative swimsuit for the summer. i thought my normal suit would work out but it’s not looking good. given how hard it is to find a suit for my non-pregnant body i thought it was going to be the same for my preggo body but one google search and BAM this little number turned up, from Target nonetheless.

i’ve been in love with this color lately so i’m crossing my fingers they’ll still have my size when my next paycheck rolls around…


although, i may just take this summer as an opportunity to rock a bikini since i don’t pull that off well in my non-humangrowing days.


my plan to avoid maternity clothes

 photo 151C853E-A564-41C5-A11B-610DCA42AF6C-12195-0000088AACA2C8F5_zps5272d9aa.jpg photo E488DB22-E0D9-41B0-AC71-6B971979C6C4-29978-0000078E664D9411_zpsbd0931b5.jpg

so, i loathe maternity clothes as most are overpriced and not very cute. i made it through my pregnancy with darla without buying a single pair of maternity pants and i’m looking to do the same with this go around. let’s see how i do ;-)  i’ll post some of my outfits from here on out to show how i’m avoiding mah momjeanz!!

ps. yes, i’m sure i’ll be baring my middle some before this babe is out. and yes, it looks like i enjoy taking pictures of myself at work. they have much prettier mirrors there with far less hand prints and sticker residue on them than at my house.

Birthy BOGO with a purpose – Birth Tshirts on sale!

I want to let you in on a secret {now not so secret} birth work goal of mine. Almost a year ago my family lost my dear cousin in a tragic accident. She had devoted much of her young life to
mission work and had a passion for helping others. I promised myself that one of the things I would do with my birth work was find a way to provide services for mothers in need of pregnancy, labor & postpartum support in her name. It feels like it’s taken me forever to lay the ground work but, with my certification pending, I feel that I’ll finally be ready to get the ball rolling on a fund to support that work. I’ve calculated how much it would take to cover my basic costs per birth and am hoping to establish a fund to offer those services to at least one mother a month after I’m back from maternity leave in 2015. That feels so exciting and kinda lofty to me at this particular moment but I’m just going to keep pressing on. All I can do is try, right?

One of the ways I’m supplementing this fund is through the sales of my birth work shirts. I began creating these for myself and then thought “hey, maybe you should open these up to other birth workers who want to spread the birth word as well.” So I did and I was right. Slowly but surely these shirts have been bought up. It’s been a modest venture but looking at the earnings I’m sitting here feeling like I could provide service for at least one mother with those earnings. That’s a damn good feeling and I want to keep the ball rolling. I have a few more projects up my sleeve that I hope to add to this endeavor but it feels good to have scratched the surface.

So, I’m setting an intention with this post and providing some birthy information along with these shirts, which are BOGO 50% off until 4/14 through Skreened. Get ready for lots of birth goodness:


April is Cesarean Awareness Month. The mission of the month is to draw attention to the fact that 1 in 3 children in the US are born via cesarean. The debate for and against cesarean birth wages on but one thing is for sure, at least for me, it is something that deserves attention and conversation. These two shirts were designed with the intent to help mothers with cesarean experience initiate those conversations. All birth deserves our support. All birth deserves to be discussed.


As a birth worker, I’ve had the most success with this shirt starting conversations when I’m out and about doing my daily do. I’ve had a variety of lovely conversations bloom because of my shirts. Women want to talk about their experiences with doula support. Partners want to rave about doula work. I’ve even had a heart-warming conversation with an area anesthesiologist who stopped marching in a parade to come talk to me on the sidelines when he saw my shirt. I think having these conversations in everyday life are powerful and necessary. People, in general, want to talk about birth. If you’re a doula looking for a starter shirt I’d say try this one or it’s tank top cousin.


 i designed this sweatshirt to match the apparel for the new Central Ohio Doulas organization that sprung forth into existence earlier this year. i’m very excited to be a part of this group and see good things happening in the future for furthering doula work as a profession and getting that professionalism recognized by the larger birth community in central ohio. however, the shirt has no real affiliation with the group so I thought doulas far and wide might enjoy this warm cover-up for chilly hospital nights.

and this last one i’ve put on here just for funnies. i can’t wait to put my own little baby in some of these onesies.

yo girl birth story baby onesie


if you are a birth worker, birth activist, birth lover or baby lover head on over to the skreened shop to see if anything catches your eye before 4/14 to get in on the 50% off savings. i have designs for babies, mamas wanting to rock their homebirth status, doulas, midwives and lots more. i’ll continue to add more to the shop and update the public on these offerings from time to time.

Thanks y’all. May your life be blessed with supported, beautiful birth.

midwest produce calendar


midwestproduce midwestproduce2

April has me thinking about getting some goods in the ground to call a garden this year. i’ve had my eye on these produce calendars by krankpress for a long time now and thought i’d share. krankpress makes regional produce calendars which seem so handy and pretty for produce growers and lovers. this would sure help with the grocery list before heading to market!

Simply Tangled Giveaway

we love giving and getting gifts from simply tangled ceramics so i thought i would extend the giving to you, dear readers!

one of my favorite christmas gifts from last year was my highly coveted ceramic flask. for mother’s day mike gifted me a matching vase. both these items adorn our kitchen window shelf because they make me so very happy to see every morning. and just last week darla and i gave mike a belt crafted from lance’s handy work.

my point is, we love their work. we feel very lucky to have such talented friends. we hope you will love it too!smallyellowbowltopsmallyellowbottom

simply tangled has generously offered up this hand crafted bowl to a MomJeanz reader. If it were coming to our house it would become a lovely little candy dish to stow our non-individually wrapped christmas candy. or used for some peppermint ice cream for our little miss.

but it’s not coming to our house. it’s going to yours. do what you want with it. keep it or give it away as a gift since that’s what the season is all about.

head over to and check our their portfolio. leave a comment on this post letting us know your favorite simply tangled piece and you’ll be entered. winner will be announced friday.

  looking forward to your comments and GOOD LUCK.

oh, and there will be a discount for readers on their etsy site. stay tuned later in the week for discount info!

st. nic’s feast day

st. nick


we did our st. nic’s feast day tradition of leaving darla’s shoes out over night. we didn’t go as big as last year and it made not one bit of difference to darla. just a few small sweets and some books and nail polish was all it took to make the girl happy.

in the interest of full disclosure we regifted her the nail polish, just wrapped some holiday candy we already have and i got some used books that the library was taking out of circulation for 50 cents a piece. that approach appeals to my zero waste sensibilities much more. i feel a bit foolish about going so over the top last year. oh well.

and in further disclosure, i had purchased darla a new pair of shoes for 2013 but they didn’t arrive in time. we’ll just put those under the tree for christmas i guess.

nativeshoesnot gonna lie, very excited about these cute Native Shoes coming our way :)  just a small bit of consumerism creeping up in me i guess.