my plan to avoid maternity clothes

 photo 151C853E-A564-41C5-A11B-610DCA42AF6C-12195-0000088AACA2C8F5_zps5272d9aa.jpg photo E488DB22-E0D9-41B0-AC71-6B971979C6C4-29978-0000078E664D9411_zpsbd0931b5.jpg

so, i loathe maternity clothes as most are overpriced and not very cute. i made it through my pregnancy with darla without buying a single pair of maternity pants and i’m looking to do the same with this go around. let’s see how i do ;-)  i’ll post some of my outfits from here on out to show how i’m avoiding mah momjeanz!!

ps. yes, i’m sure i’ll be baring my middle some before this babe is out. and yes, it looks like i enjoy taking pictures of myself at work. they have much prettier mirrors there with far less hand prints and sticker residue on them than at my house.


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