thrift love

a friend once sent me a piece of writing that advised treating yourself to whatever items you see out in the world and love. the gist of the work was that our lives are short and a good deal of our short lives are spent in our homes so we might as well bring the things we love into our everyday presence.  in theory, i agree wholeheartedly with this concept. but, practically speaking, a little barrier called finite funds comes in to play. one can’t simply buy all the things one loves.  unless….one is in the thrift store.

my shopping posts have been about new items thus far but my heart lies in buying used, thrifted items. my first place of employment was the goodwill and i applied there so i could get an employee discount…at the goodwill…on 99 cent shirts. this resulted in a lot of polyester jumpsuits in my wardrobe and a lifelong love for digging through racks to find the quirky items that speak to my equally quirky soul.

i got back to the thrift stores this week since D was away and found many treasures that have been put to use in the home. mostly functional things like cheap baskets and pots for my growing houseplant collection but below are some of my favorites:


 cactus mat

^^^ i could not pass this up. funky from the doorstep people. ^^^

vintage chair

^^^ it is a damn crime how little i paid for this gorgeous chair ^^^

 thrifted baby

^^^ and these! imma putta baby in ’em! ^^^

*please don’t get excited thinking these look like boy clothes and spiral into scenarios where we secretly know the sex of this human. we don’t. as a reminder: no one owns the colors. i love these and will love them even more on our little person.


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