avoiding maternity clothes

 pregnancy wardrobe

i avoid maternity clothes almost as well as i avoid eye contact in my mirror selfies.

 pregnancy wardrobe

fleece lined leggings and thermal shirts. you know, for when it snows in april.

pregnancy wardrobe

my coven issued black skirt, black shirt combo.

pregnancy wardrobe

and stretchy pants for days and days, plus a wide brimmed hat to cover unbrushed hair.

maternity fashion

so yeah, lots of skirts and stretch pants happening over here. but i only have a handful of these items that i’m switching out and dressing up in different ways.  i try to use loud prints and distracting accessories to draw attention away from the fact that i’m huge and still have a couple months to go. i’m keeping my eye on forever 21 and target for some new maxi dresses to add to this rotation. let me know if you see a sale.

 well, that’s all. let’s see how i do next week!


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