waffle date

mike and i sneaked in a breakfast date on friday when our morning errands magically took way less time to complete than anticipated. i would like to thank the bump for prompting me to say “hey do you want to stop for a waffle at the market?” as we drove by. so we did.

the waffles at taste of belgium are absolutely grand. they are so good that i order mine plain. see:

Taste of Belgium Waffle


 photo CD14ACC1-2A00-4DC2-8D12-534E31D56B34-626-00000068104224BE_zps163a2502.jpg


 photo 0BCD4E91-6A51-44C3-9D64-9D7548F61125-626-00000068152A803A_zpsa04bede6.jpg


i have to admit that i’ve been thinking a lot lately about how in the world we’re going to make time for “us” once this second baby comes along. i can’t really imagine how it will come to pass with all the high-five trade offs our current schedules require of us. i can’t imagine how there will be any time when we won’t have at least one of the kiddos around. it seems like finding time to communicate is hard enough as it is and the honest truth is i’m really worried about how this is all going to play out when a 4th personality is in the mix.

how are people doing this all over the world? how do most of you make it look so easy?

you can see that mike may not be so nervous about spending less time with me since he gets this when we’re alone:

 photo 964C44FF-583A-482D-BF33-77BDBDF70EA0-626-000000681B2C106D_zpse688d35d.jpg

but despite some minor weirdness, it’s nice to have alone time when we can. ♥♥♥

 photo F10B0151-5E27-44A1-8DFC-C2D4E0D9FB84-626-00000069BC1C7CB8_zps1594dc7c.jpg


2 thoughts on “waffle date

  1. That is ADORABLE, the way you describe your silent conversations with your baby. “Hey, let’s do this!”

    That waffle looks so melt-in-mouth I think I may just have to go out and get some myself.

    You and your Love look great together, btw. :). Definitely can see the admiration for eachother <3

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