photo 7D03B043-EA68-47E4-B0B7-C186BA654679-958-0000008FCA310BEE_zps536a8295.jpg photo 9FA5DFB2-B12B-4194-9BE2-190713313293-958-0000008FDB051078_zps167c482b.jpg photo FBA4E3AB-28D3-4CA6-9FA1-7CEA9BD119FA-958-0000008FD0A55DB9_zps78fef637.jpg photo 713F8D30-F799-4C81-A910-84A5501BACA2-958-0000008FD5CD9C22_zps96f01759.jpg  photo BC32F234-5B90-433B-B5AE-9DF5BE11FAD3-1384-000000BE84F6F645_zpscbc67662.jpg
 photo 3DF31E64-9EEF-4B0B-A8F8-67B3AA903A3C-1635-000001997B3F989C_zps3d992885.jpg photo 013F944A-2667-46EE-BAB9-65B71485562A-1635-0000019974088208_zpsb571cc5a.jpg

look at that sunny weekend! finalllllllllllllllly. we have sunshine back in our lives.

here’s my view from some of the further nesting and weekend doings we had going on:

finished darla’s dream catcher so now both my babies will have sweet dreams, had some quiet catch-up-on-work time, rubbed some old paint on some old pots and made them over like new, brewed up a tasty batch of veggie broth, wore eyeliner for the first time in a long time out for a ladies bday taco fest, cheered on the beard while he ran a High FiveK in perfect spring weather.

it was all very domestic and friend/family centric and full of spring time magic. sending you poz vibes for your week!


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